“Good Girls” by Chvrches

Fully understanding Chvrches’ “Good Girls” would require being knowledgeable of the ideas upon which it is based. But before we get to that, conclusively it reads like a treatise against toxic men or the type who tend to objectify women.

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Verse 1

But Lauren Mayberry is able to recognize that in many cases, the women themselves are enabling such an environment. And it is that idea upon which the first verse is based. More specifically, the sentiment expressed dates back to an instance a few years ago where the songstress found herself in a conversation with some of her sistren. 

And she was marveled by their unwavering willingness to defend “problematic male artists” that they favored. And such also seems to be her disposition in said verse

Verse 2

In the second verse, what Mayberry appears to be saying is that she’s not on that fangirl sh-t. Or put differently, if a man does something wrong, she’s not going to humble herself in the name of appearing as a ‘good girl’.  For as illustrated in the chorus, “good girls” are the types who deem that their survival is dependent on the ability to appease men – or stated otherwise tolerating crap from them. 

But Lauren is not of that breed. Rather if some dude offends her, she’s more likely to seek out “revenge” than play miss goody two-shoes. In fact “weaker men” are presented as being her prey.

Core Message of “Good Girls”

So at the end of the day, the message the vocalist is putting forth towards her fellow females is sort of like stop being wusses. Yes, she understands that it is not easy for them to detach themselves from idolizing the men they are infatuated with. 

But as for herself personally, the vocalist doesn’t even consider the male lot, generally speaking, as still being relevant.

Chvrches, "Good Girls" Lyrics

Release of “Good Girls”

The UK-based Virgin EMI and US-centered Glassnote Records released this track on 12 July 2021. It is officially the third single from a 2021 Chvrches’ LP entitled “Screen Violence”. The song premiered via BBC Radio 1’s popular Annie Mac show on that same date. And the first time Chvrches teased it was apparently the day prior.


Chvrches is from the Scottish city of Glasgow, with two of its members, instrumentalists Iain Cook and Marin Doherty, having been professionally associated since the early aughts. And the three studio albums they have released prior to this one were notable successes in both the UK and US.

Meanwhile, the most-successful single they have participated on to date was as a feature of Marshmello on his 2019 track “Here with Me”. Chvrches have also scored a few industry awards earlier in the 2010s.

Good Girls

Writing Credits for “Good Girls”

The third member of Chvrches is the band’s lead vocalist, Lauren Mayberry. And it is she along with Doherty and Cook who are credited as the writers of “Good Girls”. They also produced the song, though in that regard are acknowledged as a single entity.

“Good Girls” was one of the earlier songs written to be featured on “Screen Violence”.

What Chvrches' Lauren Mayberry said about "Good Girls"

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