“Here with Me” by Marshmello (Ft. Chvrches)

Simply put, “Here with Me” is a love song by American DJ and electronic music producer Marshmello featuring Scottish band Chvrches. And from the singer’s (Lauren Mayberry of Chvrches) perspective, this romance is defined by her essential dependency on her honeybun’s companion.

In fact she appears to find no fault in him. For instance, she says that his words, including those spoken non verbally, are “perfect”. Also, just hearing his voice imbues her with a sense of freedom. Furthermore, she seems to be experiencing the uneasy heartache that is usually associated with falling deeply in love. And this pain is exacerbated when her lover is not around, which based on the intensity of the lyrics, seems like a normal occurrence.

"Here with Me" lyrics

Her love-based anxiety is manifest in her thinking about him 24/7. In other words, Mayberry misses her boo. And overall she is in a happier state when he is around – or even when she gets to hear from him – than when he is not. So speaking from a first-person perspective, “Here with Me” expresses where Lauren desires her significant other to be.

Facts about “Here with Me”

  • Marshmello and Chvrches co-wrote this song with British music producer and songwriter Steve Mac. All three members of Chvrches (Iain Cook, Lauren Mayberry and Martin Doherty) contributed to the writing of “Here with Me”.
  • Marshmello worked with Steve Mac to produce the song.
  • March 8, 2018 was the official release date of “Here with Me”.
  • This was the third single Marshmello released in 2019. However, for Chvrches, it was their first fresh content for the year in question.
  • This track is from Marshmello’s third studio album titled Joytime III. It should be noted that as of the release date of the song, Joytime III had no release date.

 Is this track the first time Chvrches are working with Marshmello?

Yes. Before this song, the musical paths of Chvrches and Marshmello had never crossed. Also, it is the band’s first time of being featured on the song of a major artist.

3 Responses

  1. Cameron McMillan says:

    Are you sure this song isn’t really about someone sinking into depression because they miss their loved one so much? This person has a pain in her heart that won’t go away. She’s in love, but I don’t think she’s very happy.

  2. Anonymous User says:

    The video shows something different.

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