“Hello” by Treasure

On Treasure’s “Hello”, the vocalist is addressing a loved one, perhaps a romantic interest, though such is never specified. And the way the situation reads, at least as far as the verses are concerned, is as if they were at one point in time were very close, particularly in like a physical-proximity fashion. 

But since then, the addressee is not around for whatever unstated reason. As such, the vocalist is currently cast “back” into the state of “loneliness” that apparently defined his existence before the two of them got acquainted.

But in reality the song, in its entirety, is not that simple. That is to say that the lyrics can be interpreted, to some degree, otherwise, as if the vocalist and addressee never had a meaningful relationship to begin with. 

And if so, then what we’re dealing with may a case of the former feening for the latter, as in being in love though not actually with the person.  Indeed, as implied by the bridge, it may even be that the addressee is a figment of the singer’s imagination, i.e. his ideal girlfriend or what have you. Or something like that is going here, whereas he’s strongly fantasizing about the two of them interacting with each other.

Lyrics to  Treasure's "Hello"

Treasure and “Hello”

Treasure is crew of K-poppers which, as of this song’s issuance on 4 October 2022, are 10-men deep, with the homeys ranging in age from 17 to 22.  And their backers are YG Entertainment, one of the biggest labels in South Korea.

Thus far Treasure’s discography, which just commenced in 2020, consists of only one studio album, that being 2021’s “The First Step: Treasure Effect”. But the group also already has put out an EP as well as a few “single albums”, and “Hello” acts as the lead single from their second extended play, “The Second Step: Chapter Two”. For the record, their first, “The Second Step: Chapter One”, proved to be a major regional success.

Two members of Treasure, Haruto and Yoshi, who are respectively 18 and 22 years old, contributed to the writing of “Hello”. And the other co-writers are artists by the name of Choi Hyun Suk, Dee.P, Lil G, Sonny, LP, Hae and Choice37.  


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