“Here Comes the Rain Again” by Eurythmics

“Here Comes the Rain Again” encapsulates waves of melancholy that a person may experience at any given time. The main music video features Annie Lennox and Dave A. Stewart traversing the Island of Hoy. Dark storm clouds loom forebodingly in the sky. Annie can be seen wandering around as she contends with her sadness. Dave lurks in the background with a camera. Their respective actions symbolize the detached state a person may be in. They could be drifting through life whilst taking stock of a catalogue of emotions.

The rain that is alluded to holds the power to invoke memories. These could be related to past love failures or feelings of depression. Ultimately, the song is open to the interpretation of the listener. This explains its appeal to this day.

“Here Comes The Rain Again” Facts

“Here Comes The Rain Again” was released by British singers Lennox and Stewart, otherwise known as Eurythmics, on 12 January 1984.

This classic was the opening track of their third studio album Touch.

It became their second Top 10 U.S hit when it peaked at number 4 on the America’s Hot 100. It also soared to number eight in the UK Singles Chart. This made it their fifth consecutive Top 10 single in their own country.

“Here Comes The Rain Again” went on to perform admirably in other countries such as Australia, Canada and Finland.

Interestingly enough, the song does not possess any specific theme in mind. Rather, the music and lyrics came about during the initial composition phase. Dave stated that he was really good at capturing melancholic moods in his works. As a result, the song was meant to reflect the complexities of human sadness.

The title was conceived during an argument between Annie and Dave. The pair were staying at the Columbus Hotel in New York City. During a songwriting session, Annie looked out the window and noticed that it was about to rain. She proceeded to sing “Here Comes The Rain Again” spontaneously. This was the missing piece needed to complete the rich tapestry of artistic ingenuity. Music could not be the same without bursts of inspiration from the artistes themselves. “Here Comes The Rain Again” proves that in spades.

Writing Credits

  • Annie Lennox
  • David A. Stewart

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