No More “I Love You’s” by Annie Lennox

It has been noted that the lyrics of No More “I Love You’s” are a bit scatterbrained in their approach. It’s easy to simply conclude, based on the title, that the singer is breaking up with a lover, that being the addressee. However, the original version of this track has been described as one in which “the singer had lost language function”. In other words, the reason he couldn’t say “I love you” was because he couldn’t speak. And likewise, there is no clear indication in Annie Lennox’s version that she is actually parting ways with the addressee. 

That being said, there is a whole lot of other stuff going on in the background. For instance, she references “demons” in an internal sense and “monsters” in an external way. The former seems to allude to the notion that she was dealing with some type of depression, while the latter the fact that “people are being real crazy”. Moreover in terms of the “monsters”, it has been put forth that she is speaking to an overall unsatisfactory view of the outside world. And with that in mind, it may be that this is not a romantic song at all. Rather what the singer is potentially proclaiming is that people in general are becoming less loving (i.e. “no more” exchanging “I love you’s”).

Music Video

Lennox herself served as a co-director of the music video to No More “I Love You’s”. And its other director is Joe Dyer. And concerning said visual, Lennox herself has let it be known that she is really feeling it.

Facts about No More “I Love You’s”

The writers of this song are British musicians Joseph Hughes and David Freeman. And originally the track was recited by a band from England called The Lover Speaks back in 1986. Contrary to what many assume, Lennox didn’t write No More “I Love You’s”.

However, her version was significantly more successful than the original. It came out on 6th of March 1995. It was a product of her album “Medusa” (and also served as the project’s lead single). And her rendition had Stephen Lipson as its producer.

The reason Lennox decided to cover No More “I Love You’s” is because she was impressed by its lyricism. Moreover she expressed a sentiment akin to believing the message contained therein needs to be heard, and such was not accomplished the first time around since The Lover Speaks’ rendition didn’t really hit.

In terms of the track’s massive success, it charted in at least 20 countries. This includes reaching number one in a handful of them, such as on Canada Top Singles and Billboard’s US Dance Club Songs. Additionally it reached the number two position on the UK Single Chart (marking the highest position Lennox has ever achieved on that list, even over decades later). And it also achieved Silver certification in the United Kingdom. And as far as awards are concerned, it earned the singer a 1996 Grammy. This was in the category of Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

Moreover the track has been covered by a few popular artists, including Nicki Minaj on her 2010 track “Your Love” (which itself went Platinum in the US). Hailee Steinfeld also covered this classic in a 2020 song entitled “I Love You’s”.

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