“High Time” by Nickelback

If upon reading the title of this track (“High Time”) you surmised that it bears a striking resemblance to the well-known weed publication, then yes dear reader, you are in fact onto something. But that is not to insinuate that “High Time” is a weed song, even though the international herb, as it is known to some of us, does play a prominent role.

As for the title, it can be taken as a double entendre in that what the song is also speaking to is the vocalist deciding that it’s “high time” to hit the road, as the titular expression also happens to be a metaphor pointing to the notion of the moment being beyond ripe to undertake a particular endeavor. 

In this case, said endeavor would be traversing the country via road trip, an activity that Chad is clearly fond of. But again, a major part of the equation involves partaking of the different ‘grasses’ that he and his cohorts meet along the way. In fact if you’re someone who can provide sex, weed or petroleum as needed, then it’s like all kindred souls are invited to get down for the ride.

Thesis Sentiment of “High Time”

To reiterate, readers should not be compelled to let the above explanation convince them that this is an ode to marijuana, because it isn’t. What the thesis sentiment actually revolves around, most simply put, is the vocalist being akin to vagabond or whatever you call someone who gets bored if he stays in the “same town” for too long. 

He doesn’t come off as an impoverished traveler. Rather, the cover art gives the impression that Chad and his crew are moving about in a van. But as implied in the bridge and alluded to earlier in this post, it isn’t such that their pockets are overflowing with dough either.

Or let’s say that we can conclude our analysis of “High Time” by generally classifying it as a travel song. It is one of those premised on the singer expressing a desire to transcend the mundane norms of his established environment for more-edifying experiences. But in this case, the vocalist is pretty much opting to do so solely in the name of chillin’.

Lyrics to Nickelback's "High Time"

Release Date of “High Time”

On 15 November 2022, “High Time” became the third single from “Get Rollin’”, Nickeblack’s forthcoming 10th studio album. The album’s first two singles are: “San Quentin” and “Those Days“.

To note, the name of the LP also uses terminology which may be related to marijuana culture. 


Band members Chad and Mike Kroeger wrote this song with Jeff Johnson and Simon Klow.

High Time

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