“Those Days” by Nickelback

Nickelback can be defined as a family band. Chad and Mike Kroeger, who have been down since day one, are siblings. Also upon formation this group, which is a quartet, consisted of their cousin Brandon Kroeger, as well as longtime homey Ryan Peake. 

Whereas Brandon has since gone his separate way, Ryan, even now nearly 30 years later, remains down for the cause. So Chad and Mike are brothers, and Ryan is their homey from childhood. That would mean they have shared memories, as in mutual likes, since the time they were very young.

So for instance in the first verse, when the vocalist gets to namedropping A Nightmare on Elm Street, that’s a movie that came out way back in 1984. And you’ll see that they also go on to note that back then, they “couldn’t watch it alone”, due to “Elm Street” being a horror flick, even though it’s safe to say that isn’t that can really shake an adult.

So in other words yes, these lyrics do harp back to childhood, “those days” as the vocalist puts it. And in quintessential nostalgia fashion, Chad and the gang go about presenting that era as being something like the most-exciting time of their lives. 

So accordingly, what the listener is basically met with is a number of references to the 1980s, including Nickelback’s mention of rock bands from that period which obviously influenced their artistry, i.e. Motörhead as well as Guns n’ Roses.

Lyrics for Nickelback's "Those Days"

When was “Those Days” released?

Nickelback’s 10th studio album is titled “Get Rollin’”. “Those Days” was issued as a promotional single from that project on 5 October 2022.


The entire Nickelback crew are credited with producing this song with Chris Baseford. 

The band is currently made up of:

  • bassist Michael Kroger
  • drummer Daniel Adair
  • guitarist Ryan Peake
  • frontman Chad Kroeger

Also, Chad and Ryan served as the writers of “Those Days”.

Those Days

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