Nickelback’s “Photograph” Lyrics Meaning

Nickleback’s “Photograph” finds the writer reminiscing on his old memories while reconciling them with how much things are different as he gets older.

By looking at old photographs, the narrator is able to look back on some good old memories he made in the past. For instance, the one the writer describes in the first verse evokes a lot of laughter as he can’t seem to recall why he and his friends had red eyes in the shot. His reference to something on Joey’s head could affirm the thought that they may have been either drunk, high or simply laughing hard at a joke he doesn’t remember, hence their red eyes.

The singer makes mention of his school memories, as well as his past visits to an arcade where they spent money, singing along radio songs and hoping that he and his friends would one day experience how it feels to have a real music career apart from just singing behind the wheels. Throughout the track, the Speaker captures how he misses those old times and finds it difficult to finally let go or say goodbye to them.

Music Video

Nigel Dick directed the music video which was shot in Hanna. In the video, Kroeger seems to be holding the very picture the song talks about; a shot of himself and producer Joey Moi taken at a New Year’s Eve party. Joey had a champagne chiller on his head after taking some drinks.

The video has been used for memes several times with people inserting different photos in the frame Kroeger holds up.

Nickleback prevents President Trump from using “Photograph”

Nickelback opposed the use of “Photograph” for Trump’s rallies or campaigns. When a doctored version was tweeted by Trump, Nickelback’s record label company, Warner Music Group sent a copyright claim which resulted in the video being removed. Despite its removal, Photograph’s sales shot up by more than 500% a few days after the tweet.

More Facts!

This Nickelback classic was composed by Nickelback themselves. It was produced by Joey Moi and released on September 20, 2005 off their fifth album, All the Right Reasons (2005).

Chad Kroeger in an interview with CBC has said the song was intended to capture a lot of nostalgia which many people could relate to.

For this song, the band had gotten a new drummer; Daniel Adair. Adair initially played for 3 Doors Down.

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