“Home” by Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips’ “Home” is sort of an encouragement piece, or perhaps more specifically it can be said a song of support. And that’s because its thesis sentiment is based on the vocalist telling the addressee that he or she ‘is not alone’. Furthermore, the narrator tells this individual that he is going to help them ‘make this place their home’. 

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That second assertion implies that where the addressee currently finds himself, alongside the vocalist, is not his or her actual home. But the singer wants this person to be confident enough to adopt it as such, despite the associated fears that the addressee may possess. In other words, the singer is telling this individual to relax and “settle down” with the confidence of knowing that he has his or her back.

Lyrics for Phillip Phillips' "Home"

Phillip Phillips and “Home”

Phillip Phillips is one of those American Idol champions who was able to instantly translate his success, winning the popular contest in mid-2012, to the music industry. 

As such “Home”, which Interscope Records released on 23 May 2012 as his maiden single, stands to date as Phillips most-successful song by a far margin. 

It appeared on 8 different Billboard charts. It enjoyed a peak position of number 6 on the Hot 100. Furthermore, it topped multiple other Billboard listings, including:

  • Adult Contemporary 
  • Adult Top 40

But even more importantly as far as income goes, this track promptly achieved quadruple-platinum status in both the US and Canada.

This is a song written by Greg Holden and its producer, Drew Pearson. The original intent for this song was for it to be rendered by Holden, who is a singer in his own right. However, Jimmy Iovine, the head honcho at Interscope Records, rather wanted to use “Home” as the coronation song for the winner of American Idol. So that’s how it ended up being recorded by Phillip Phillips, who has more or less expressed disdain for the peace.

During its initial run on the Billboard Hot 100, “Home” only managed to stay on the charts for a couple of weeks despite making its debut at an impressive 10th place. Then later, in the summer of 2012, it re-charted after being utilized during Olympics’ coverage. In doing so, it eventually made it back onto the top 10. That made this track one of the very few songs in the history of Hot 100 to make it onto the top 10 on two separate occasions.

This track appeared on Phillip Phillips debut studio album, a project entitled “The World from the Side of the Moon”.


The “The World from the Side of the Moon” Album

American singer Phillip Phillips’ album with the title, “The World from the Side of the Moon” was released on the 19th of November, 2012. The album is Phillip’s maiden studio album. It was his first major project after winning season 11 of the American music reality show, “American Idol”.

Drew Pearson and Gregg Wattenberg, both American record producers, have been credited with the album’s production.

“The World from the Side of the Moon” was released through Interscope Records and New York based record label, 19 Recordings.

By the end of the first week of the album’s release, it had sold over 169,000 copies in the US.

In November of the following year, the album got a Gold certification from the RIAA in the United States. This was after it recorded sales exceeding 1,000,000 copies. In Canada, it received a Gold certification from Music Canada.

On the Billboard 200, the album peaked at No.4 and spent seven weeks within the top-10. It peaked at No.6 in Canada.

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