“Home” by Scotty McCreery

“Home” is derived from Scotty McCreery’s Same Truck project, an album which is largely dedicated to the singer’s small-town roots. Accordingly, many of the tracks contained therein serve the purpose of idealizing such a lifestyle. But in this particular piece, McCreery adopts what may be considered a more realistic premise to this argument. That is to say that, as younger residents of such areas often tend to be, he expresses an extreme boredom being relegated to such an environment.

But more to the point is how this discontent is ultimately mitigated. And that is via the addressee, his significant other, having been introduced into his life. Now the same “home” that used to feel like a prison, well, nothing has actually changed about it except that now it is graced with the presence of the addressee. And with her around, Scotty no longer feels that his “little house” is something to escape from but rather a place to look forward to returning to.

Indeed, what this narrative is meant to signify is that the narrator’s whole life has changed as a result of now having a significant other. Everything else about the ‘hood has remained the same. But now with a lady that he loves in tow, Scotty’s “home” has suddenly become a place that is exponentially more enjoyable to be at.

Lyrics of Scotty McCreery's "Home"

“Home” Credits

Scotty McCreery wrote this piece alongside the following:

  • Tammi Kidd
  • Brent Anderson
  • Frank Rogers

And Rogers also served as one of the producers of the track. In that regard, he worked alongside Derek Wells and Aaron Eshuis.

“Same Truck”

This song is from the aforementioned “Same Truck”, which is Scotty McCreery’s fifth studio album. And this project is the product of a label known as Thirty Tigers, which is based in the center of American country music, that being Nashville, Tennessee.


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