HOPE – The Anthem Behind Our Struggle and Triumph

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  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. Struggling with the Shackles of the Past
  5. The Dichotomy of Success: NF’s Unconventional Definition
  6. Breaking Down to Break Through: Embracing the Rock Bottom
  7. Hidden Resonance: Seeing the ‘Bright Side through the Dark Times’
  8. Memorable Verses That Carve into Our Consciousness


Yeah, I’m on my way, I’m coming
Don’t, don’t lose faith in me
I know you’ve been waitin’
I know you’ve been prayin’ for my soul
Hope, hope

Thirty years you been draggin’ your feet
Tellin’ me I’m the reason we’re stagnant
Thirty years you’ve been claiming you’re honest
And promising progress, well, where’s it at?
I don’t want you to feel like a failure (failure)
I know this hurts
But I gave you your chance to deliver (deliver)
Now it’s my turn
Don’t get me wrong, Nate, you’ve had a great run
But it’s time to give the people somethin’ different
So without further ado, I’d
Like to introduce my
(My album, my album, my album, my album, my album, my album, my album)
What’s my definition of success? (Of success)
Listening to what your heart says (your heart says)
Standing up for what you know is (is)
Right, while everybody else is (is)
Tucking their tail between their legs (okay)
What’s my definition of success? (Of success)
Creating something no one else can (else can)
Being brave enough to dream big (big)
Grindin’ when you’re told to just quit (quit)
Giving more when you got nothin’ left (left)
It’s a person that’ll take a chance on
Something they were told could never happen
It’s a person that can see the bright side through the dark times when there ain’t one
It’s when someone who ain’t never had nothin’
Ain’t afraid to walk away from more profit
‘Cause they’d rather do somethin’ that they really love and take the pay cut
It’s a person that would never waver
Or change who they are
Just to try and gain some credibility
So they could feel accepted by a stranger
It’s a person that can take the failures in their life and turn them into motivation
It’s believing in yourself when no one else does, it’s amazing

What a little bit of faith can do if you don’t even believe in you
Why would you think or expect anybody else that’s around you to?
I done did things that I regret
I done said things I can’t take back
Was a lost soul at a crossroad who had no hope but I changed that
I spent years of my life holdin’ on to things I never should’ve kept, full of hatred
Years of my life carryin’ a lot of baggage that I should’ve walked away from
Years of my life wishin’ I was someone different, lookin’ for some validation
Years of my life tryna fill the void, pretending I was in
They get it

Growing pain’s a necessary evil
Difficult to go through, yes, but beneficial
Some would say having a mental breakdown is a negative thing
Which on one hand, I agree with
On the other hand, it was the push I needed
To get help and start the healing process, see
If I’d have never hit rock bottom
Would I be the person that I am today?
I don’t believe so
I’m a prime example of what happens when you choose to not accept defeat and face your demons
Took me thirty years to realize that if you want to get the opportunity
To be the greatest version of yourself
Sometimes you got to be someone you’re not to hear the voice of reason
Having kids will make you really take a step back and look in the mirror
At least for me that’s what it did, I

Wake up every day and pick my son up, hold him in my arms
And let him know he’s loved (loved)
Standing by the window questioning if dad is ever going to show up (up)
Isn’t something he’s gon’ have to worry about
Don’t get it twisted, that wasn’t a shot
Mama, I forgive you
I just don’t want him to grow up thinkin’ that he’ll never be enough
Thirty years of running, thirty years of searching
Thirty years of hurting, thirty years of pain
Thirty years of fearful, thirty years of anger
Thirty years of empty, thirty years of shame
Thirty years of broken, thirty years of anguish
Thirty years of hopeless, thirty years of (hey)
Thirty years of never, thirty years of maybe
Thirty years of later, thirty years of fake
Thirty years of hollow, thirty years of sorrow
Thirty years of darkness, thirty years of (Nate)
Thirty years of baggage, thirty years of sadness
Thirty years of stagnant, thirty years of chains
Thirty years of anxious, thirty years of suffering
Thirty years of torment, thirty years of (wait)
Thirty years of bitter, thirty years of lonely
Thirty years of pushing everyone away
(You’ll never evolve) I know I can change
(We are not enough) we are not the same
(You don’t have the heart) you don’t have the strength
(You don’t have the will) you don’t have the faith
(You’ll never be loved) you’ll never be safe
(Might as well give up) not running away
(You don’t have the guts) you’re the one afraid
I’m the one in charge
I’m taking the (no)
I’m taking the

Full Lyrics

In his seismic release ‘Hope,’ NF dives into an introspective and transformative journey, revealing the deeply personal battles and victories that shape our human experience. The song isn’t merely a collection of rhymes strung together; it’s an emotionally charged introspection laced with anguish, resilience, and, ultimately, an unwavering sense of hope.

The sheer power of his lyricism is woven into a narrative that’s both personal and universal. NF uses his platform to challenge listeners to consider their own definitions of success, confront their darkest moments, and to find the courage within to change the course of their lives.

Struggling with the Shackles of the Past

NF’s portrayal of a life fraught with ‘thirty years of’ pain, torment, and darkness, viscerally depicts the grappling with one’s history and the weight it can bear on the present. It’s a masterful account of being your own impediment, with the years echoing the duration of an internal battle many listeners might recognize.

The candid admission of regret and the quest for validation underscores the existential odyssey we all partake in. The emotional baggage we carry has the power to stifle and stagnate, a universal human struggle NF articulates with a level of raw authenticity that strikes a chord.

The Dichotomy of Success: NF’s Unconventional Definition

Nate challenges the conventional ideals of achievement in ‘What’s my definition of success?’, proposing an alternative blueprint. It’s not fame or material wealth, but resilience, creativity, and the pursuit of one’s passion, even in the face of adversity, that formulates real success.

This verse acts as a compass for the lost, a map for the disillusioned, guiding them toward a more emotionally and spiritually fulfilling horizon. It dares listeners to redefine their own success, to strive for authenticity over accolades.

Breaking Down to Break Through: Embracing the Rock Bottom

In a striking confessional tone, NF acknowledges the paradoxical nature of breakdowns serving as breakthroughs. He presents the idea that sometimes, through our lowest points, we find the strongest catalyst for change.

It’s an empowering reminder that the journey through life’s abyss is not a detour but rather a pivotal part of the path to personal enlightenment. This revelation pushes forward the notion of hope, suggesting the darkest moments prelude the coming of new light.

Hidden Resonance: Seeing the ‘Bright Side through the Dark Times’

The song’s hidden depth lies in NF’s ability to showcase growth as a multifaceted and nonlinear process. He constructs an arc of transformation where personal evolutions require time, pain, and relentless perseverance.

It’s a battle cry for those feeling stuck, a proclamation that even in the absence of a ‘bright side,’ there remains an unwavering flicker of hope – one that NF has fought to keep alive in his own journey, urging others to do the same.

Memorable Verses That Carve into Our Consciousness

‘What a little bit of faith can do if you don’t even believe in you’ – this line embodies the heart of ‘Hope.’ It distills the essence of the song into a powerful inquiry about self-belief and the transformative power of faith.

It’s moments like this where the song transcends music and morphs into a poetic creed, serving not just as a backdrop to our lives but as a catalyst for introspection and personal revolution.

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