“Hurricane” by Cannons 

The simplest way of describing Cannons’ “Hurricane” is as a self-empowerment song — a theory that has been verified by Michelle Joy herself. But beyond that, there is also an addressee(s) involved in the equation. And in that regard, this piece kinda resembles one of those we-can-take-on-the-world love songs that we commonly come across

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Cannons's Hurricane at Lyrics.org.

But that said, there isn’t any romantic language actually present in the lyrics. What the vocalist is more explicitly stating, on top of herself “coming back like a hurricane”, is that coupled with the addressee, the two of them “can blow them over”.

It is not specified who “them” is a reference to. But once again generally speaking, what Michelle is putting forth is that she is back on the scene to strengthen and edify the addressee. And with that in mind, it seems as if in reality she is speaking to the power of the music of Cannons and their ability to “take you higher” and “somewhere far away”.

Lyrics of Cannons' "Hurricane"


Cannons is a band from L.A. whose discography dates back to a 2014 EP entitled “Up All Night”. Their biggest hit up until now has been a 2019 single called “Fire for You”. In between 2017 and 2022, the group – which consists of singer Michelle Joy, multi-instrumentalist Paul Davis and guitarist Ryan Clapham – has managed to put out three studio albums. 


Hurricane, which Columbia Records released on 4 March 2022, is derived from the group’s 2022 album, “Fever Dream”.

The production of “Hurricane” is credited to the entirety of Cannons. And the three members of the crew are individually acknowledged as its writers. According to Michelle, this is a truly “special song” for her because it makes her “feel really powerful”. She further revealed that prior to “Hurricane”, she had never written a song this empowering.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Seems more like it’s about coke, with the nose bleed, or some deity, with inverted eyes at the end. Great song though…

    • Z says:

      Yeah maybe.. Great song!

    • Panda bear says:

      I think the same thing. She turns around and has her hand up to her face then comes back with a bloody nose. And yes the pure white eyes in the end. Seems more to me like this is about coke. Ether way I do love the beat

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope you’re exactly wrong. If you watch the song with a biblical understanding, she is playing the role of Satan she walks into a church choir starts singing and warns the choir that she’s coming back like a hurricane. She is playing Satan. Satan is coming back like a hurricane, read the words carefully, or turn on the close caption as you watch it. If you haven’t read the Bible, you would never understand.

  2. Hooligan says:

    We’ve been watching “Stranger Things” and this video seems influenced from that show. Awesome song.

  3. Giggity! says:

    Simply spell casting!! Michelle’s voice and the bands groove is magical. On repeat all evening and enjoying every second.

  4. oggy says:

    The white eyes seem a bit satanic to me but the beat and the choreography are top shelf.

  5. Gaspar AG says:

    Is a great song that really make feel the power that everyone can have … as she said Hurricane !! Plus the natural beauty of her… I’m in love 🔥🔥🔥

  6. Anonymous says:

    To have a god light power when resurrected is like a hurricane power ,the universe yearns for man AVI OF LIGHTS. This group gives it inside Out look of the world MARAD SAAR CHAYAH

  7. Todd says:

    I heard Michelle say she really liked the movie Firestarter as a kid. The eyes and nose bled were in Siri movies of that era. I think the Cannons’ video is sort of a mess of misaligned ideas, but maybe (like the character in Firestarter) Cannons’ power got away from them and they flamed/burned out. Now they are coming back stronger? But not matter what, she’s singing about empowerment and uplift.


  8. That Dude says:

    Personal Meaning Interpretation:

    This appears to be a sort of “pull back the curtain” and “reveal” of a Satan or a sort of Anti-Christ figure – showing the vanity and self-aggrandizement of Beelzebub himself/herself – but in a way that shows both his/her true intentions, ultimate impotence, and eventual containment or judgement.

    The song opens with the lead singer dressed in a sort of devilish “vampirella” costume (minus the vampire teeth and horns), with ethereal platinum blonde hair, walking out onto the stage to begin the performance. The two guitarists (band members) are flanking her up on pedestals – and seem to represent her musician demon cohorts. She has a sharp, elfish appearance, with the costume that accentuates her body lines and carnal sensuality – in a very aesthetically functional way. There are dancers dressed in gold that are like her priests – leading the mindless cattle in worship of her.

    The song lyrics are all about self-aggrandizement. With promises of shows of power and the ability to bring fundamental change and elemental control to bear. “I’m coming back like a hurricane.” “I’ll take you higher.” “We can blow them over.” We can take them out if you stay.” “Nothing’s standing in my way.” She seems fully invested in convincing the mindless cattle worshippers of her power and beauty – so they will lover her and give her more obedience and worship. She IS beautiful. Her promises are alluring. She is mesmerizing to watch. The music is cyclical, hypnotic, deepening, and her voice is smooth and graceful.

    As the song continues there are worshippers (mindless cattle) that bow to her obvious beauty, sensuality, hypnotic and ritualistic performance, and promises of ultimate power. She “slays them in the spirit” with motions of her arms, and they fall into the arms of other facilitators of the spectacle. The demon facilitators begin to jump up and down with glee when the mindless cattle worshippers fall to their knees in worship of the female anti-christ (Satan in female form).

    As the song progresses something that is meant to be disturbing happens – she begins to bleed from the nose and get weak – eventually falling down on the stage in exhaustion. It’s as if there are foundational consequences to the use of her power – physical and spiritual – and with each show of power she becomes weaker – and bleeds more. The camera crew stares on in disbelief as she continues performing. At first she is seemingly unaware of the blood, then shocked by it, then defiant of it and even somewhat angry. After she falls down, two of her priests dance up to her and help her to her feet – as if they are not surprised by any of it – after all the show must go on.

    Satan’s bleeding increases – her face now a bloody mess. Her movements become less graceful and become more forced and angry – as if she knows the ultimate consequence for her vanity and attempt to convince the mindless cattle worshippers of her seeming deity. An unearthly spiritual wind begins to blow in the studio – and the camera crew is staring in wonder, awe, and terror at the spectacle – not knowing what to do. The wind rips and blows through the studio and around the camera crew, stage, performers, and Satan herself. It seems as though she doesn’t have control of the elements at all – contrary to her false promises (Satan’s only real power is to lie and deceive). Her eyes become all white making her look less human and more demonic, and she stares defiantly upward into a light shining down from above with hollow eyes..

    The intensity builds to a crescendo – a manic climax – with the wind whipping about. Satan is arrogant, enraged, and defiant to the last moment.

    All of a sudden, everything stops. And the female Satan Anti-Christ figure, her demon musician cohorts, the dancing priests, and the mindless cattle worshippers are all gone – and only their clothes remain – kind of like a rapture of the evil up to judgement. The winds stops. The light remains. And the song ends.

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