“Hurricane” by Luke Combs

Luke Combs’ “Hurricane” focuses on the singer’s feelings after he meets the girl from his past relationship once again. His initial plan was to stay indoors as often as possible to avoid seeing his ex. However, after being convinced to go out with his friends, he ended up meeting her again.

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Combs compares the feelings he has on seeing this girl to a hurricane. He especially likens her beauty to strong winds, and expresses that his heart was storming and his world was wrecked to signify how hurt he felt at the thought of losing the one person he loved and admired most. He is virtually stunned because he realizes that he has not been able to get over his feelings for this girl.

Luke explaining the inspiration behind the song told The Boot that he had the title of the song penned down on his phone, but actually wrote it with a couple of friends. He mentioned that the song was birthed from the idea of the aftermath of a breakup where the guy does not want to go out because he doesn’t want to end up seeing the girl he still loves.


Here, Combs is basically likening the degree of emotional damage he feels to a hurricane. Just as hurricanes are destructive, spontaneous and difficult to manage, the singer presents himself as truly hurt from his previous relationship.

“Hurricane” Facts

This song is the maiden single of Combs. In June of 2015, it was released. It was issued as the first official single from his maiden album which goes by the title “This One’s for You”. This album, which went on to top the “Country Airplay” chart in America, produced four other singles.

Combs co-wrote “Hurricane” with these writers:

  • Taylor Phillips
  • Thomas Archer

This was a very successful single. For example, it topped Billboard’s “Country Airplay” singles chart. Furthermore, it rose to number 3 on Billboard’s “Hot Country Songs” chart. And on the all-important “Hot 100” singles chart itself, this debut single of Combs’ peaked at 31. This was a remarkable achievement for Combs considering we’re talking about an artist’s debut single!

Last but not least, “Hurricane” went on to sell more than half a million copies in only the United States.

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