“Wars” by Of Monsters and Men

“Wars” is actually one song by Of Monsters and Men which is relatively-easy to understand. The track is centered on a romantic relationship. And as you might’ve already guessed by the title, everything is not going smoothly in it.

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In fact it would seem that there are only certain times when the singer is cool with his partner, i.e. “on the weekends”. Also he alludes to the idea that he is at least partially to blame for their tumultuous relationship. Indeed at times the track reads as if their romance may already be over. And in that regard, despite the singer equating their relationship to “a cruel war”, he artistically states that there are “still pieces of her stuck on him”, basically meaning that he is still in love. In fact after the second verse we can conclude that this is recurring romance. That is to say that sometimes the singer and his partner are cool. Then something unfavorable transpires, and they breakup.  But this feeling is not sustainable, considering for instance that he is still smitten by her.

So this is a song which basically acknowledges that there will be inevitable conflicts in the relationship the singer is in. And as a result there will also be occasional breakups. However, these are not likely to be long-lasting due to the love the couple apparently shares. Rather it seems more like he just understands these “wars” to be part and parcel of their romance and perhaps on a grander scale such relationships in general.

Lyrics of "Wars"

Release Date of “Wars”

“Wars”, which appears on the band’s third studio album, was released with the rest of the album on 26 July 2019. Fever Dream is the title of the album. The songs “Wild Roses” and “Alligator” were the album’s two official singles. “Wars” wasn’t a single.

Who wrote this tune?

“Wars” was written by the lead vocalists Of Monsters and Men band Ragnar Þórhallsson and Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir.

And the track was produced by the entire band alongside Rich Costey.

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