“Húsavík” by Will Ferrell & Molly Sandén

As detailed throughout the trivia section, “Húsavík” is actually from the soundtrack of a film (thus explaining Will Ferrell as one of its vocalists). In fact it fits directly into the storyline of said movie, “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” (2020).

In this flick, the main characters are from a town in Iceland which is properly referred to as Húsavík. And without giving too much of the plot away, this song is meant to express a newfound appreciation which the female singer in particular has gained for her hometown as well as for the male singer, who is her romantic interest.

She depicts Húsavík as a beautiful, natural location where the locals too are also friendly.  And having once ventured away in pursuit of musical dreams, she has now come to realize just how special the place truly is and now perceives it as where she is meant to be. Moreover, apparently the male singer too is part of that setting. As such, the rationale behind her homecoming is not only due to her affinity for Húsavík but also she coming to the realization that he is her true love.

“All I need is you and me and my home”

Facts about “Húsavík”

You may have noticed that one of the singers behind this tune is Will Ferrell, who is actually a popular Hollywood actor/comedian. However, most of the singing is done by Molly Sandén, who is in fact a legitimate musician. And the way this collaboration came out is that it is actually featured on a film entitled “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga” which Ferrell co-wrote and also stars in. Owing to this, the track itself is part of the soundtrack to said Netflix film.

His co-star in the movie is Rachel McAdams. She and Will Ferrell portray the roles of aspiring musicians, with “Husavik” being one of their songs. And whereas Rachel McAdams performs (i.e. lip syncs) the tune in the movie, it is actually Molly Sandén, a Swedish vocalist who participated in Eurovision some years back, who sings it.

Even though this song is featured on a comedy film, the creators sought to come out with music that was genuinely pleasant to listen to. And with this particular tune, they apparently hit the mark. And why? Because it has been noted that it broke the top 10 of iTunes’ Worldwide chart in addition to having an impressive showing on iTunes UK and US listing upon its release.

Arista Records and Sony Music Entertainment put “Husavik” out on 26 June 2020. It was released as part of “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (Music from the Netflix Film)”.

In the film, the characters which Ferrell and McAdams portray are from Iceland.  Accordingly some of the lyrics to the song itself are in the Icelandic language.

Did Will Ferrell write this song?

No. “Husavik” was written by the following songwriters:

  • Savan Kotecha
  • Rickard Göransson
  • Fat Max Gsus

Co-writer F. M. Gsus also served as the producer of the tune.

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