“I Don’t Wanna Fight” by Tina Turner

On Tina Turner’s “I Don’t Wanna Fight”, the singer is addressing her significant other. The premise to what they are going through in the present is an unspecified event which devastated their relationship in the past and has left them in an uncomfortable, even combative, state since. But she has now reached the point where she can no longer take it. So by the narrator putting forth her desire to “not fight” anymore, basically what she is saying is that she wants to bury that event in the past and for the two of them to get back to the loving point they were at before it even happened.

Did Tina Turner write “I Don’t Wanna Fight”?

No, Tina didn’t. This classic Tina track was composed by Steve DuBerry, Billy Lawrie and his sister, Scottish musician Lulu. They actually sent the song to Sade to be sung. However, the “Smooth Operator” hit maker then forwarded it to Tina, who recorded it.

The producers of this track are C. Lord-Alge and R. Davies.

Release Date and Chart Performance

This song came out, via Parlophone Records, on August 3rd, 1993. And it is part of the soundtrack of an autobiographical film about Tina’s life which was also released that year called “What’s Love Got to Do with It”.

“I Don’t Wanna Fight” was a notable hit for Tina Turner. It topped Canada Top Singles as well as Billboard’s Adult Contemporary chart. It also reached number 9 on the Hot 100. In the United Kingdom, it performed even better by peaking at position 7 on the UK Singles Chart. At the end of the day, this classic charted in close to 20 nations.

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