“Infinity” by Jaymes Young

This is a love song, with the title being based on the vocalist’s proclamation that he will love his sweetheart – i.e. the addressee – “for infinity”. So in the verse, we witness him allegorically detailing why he feels so. For instance, Jaymes considers this lady to be his soulmate. Moreover, his relationship with her has given him a stronger belief in things unseen, such as fate. That is to say that he feels divinely fortunate in having landed her. 

As such he is willing ‘to do anything to be her lover’ including, as implied in the intro, confronting other dudes who play his lady too close.

Now the above-quoted statement, under normal circumstances, would indicate that the addressee is someone Jaymes is now trying to get with, as in convincing her of his love. But in actuality, this is one of those songs that lyrically straddles that thin line of sounding like it is both about an established and budding romance simultaneously. For example, the intro definitely reads as if the vocalist and addressee are already an item.

But either way, more to the point would be the idea that the singer wants this relationship to last forever. And for that reason, the bridge features a number of colorful, high-powered allegories related to that notion. But what it all boils down to really isn’t the singer’s feelings per se. Instead it’s like now, in having expressing himself in such a manner, he’s put the ball into the addressee’s court in terms of how far this relationship actually goes.

Lyrics of "Infinity"

Jaymes Young

Jaymes Young is a singer from Seattle who has put out one studio album, 2017’s “Feel Something” under Atlantic Records, to date. And by the looks of his discography, “Infinity”, which is derived from that album, is his greatest critical success as far as singles go, thus far, with the song having charted in Germany and Switzerland.

Jaymes Young, who was born in 1991 and is 30 years old as of the writing of this post, wrote and produced this track alongside another musician known as Billboard.


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