“JT First Day Out” by City Girls

City Girls’ “JT First Day Out” is more of a solo track by JT than a duet with her City Girls’ partner, Yung Miami. And as the title suggests, it is in celebration of her “first day out”. Or more to the point, JT just spent a considerable amount of time in jail. So she, Yung Miami and their Quality Control label boss, Pee, are letting the world know that JT is now back on the scene with full force. 

But as alluded to earlier, the heart of this song is actually an extended solo verse by JT. And her dispatch is centered on two major themes. First is to bark on critics and haters who thought the City Girls were washed up due to her incarceration. And in that regard, she basically touts herself and her homegirl as two premiere, unstoppable artists. Then secondly she is bringing it to her female rivals.  Indeed you’d be hard-pressed to find a song in which the offensive word “b****” is utilized more than in “JT First Day Out”. And along those lines she more or less comes off like a male rapper who disses his enemies. That is she points out various ways in which she is superior to her foes and to some degree other women in general. 

And the idea all of this is meant to ultimately boil down to is that despite going through a very-harrowing experience (imprisonment), JT has made it out successfully. And indeed she is now ready to go harder than ever.

What was JT jailed for?

JT was incarcerated on 29 June 2018. At the time she was sentenced to two-years’ imprisonment due to being convicted of credit card fraud.

However, she was released early, after being locked up for about 15 months, on 8 October 2019. But she is still on probation for another year (as of the release date of this track). And her label boss, Pierre “Pee” Thomas has also insinuated that she will have to spend some time in a halfway house.

Which City Girls’ album does “JT First Day Out” appear on?

Pee teased that the City Girls may be dropping their second-studio album as early as the end of 2019. And “JT First Day Out” may logically be a part of that project.

Writing Credits

“JT First Day Out” was written by JT and the track’s producer, Twysted Genius.

Date of Release

This song was released by Capitol Records, Motown Records and Quality Control Music on 8 October 2019. This means it came out just a few hours after JT was freed.

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