“Twerk” by City Girls (Ft. Cardi B)

There isn’t much more to “Twerk” by the City Girls besides what you get in the title. In other words, it is a song glorifying the worldwide famous dance known as twerk. In terms of the individual verses performed by the artist, they are mostly dedicated to their respective sensual proficiencies and preferences. For instance, the City Girls let it be known that they like men with bankroll. JT seems to prefer a thug over a “soft ni**a”. Furthermore Yung Miami and Cardi B highlight some of the positive characteristics of their own tails in terms of pleasing lovers.

Lyrics of Twerk

That said, there are intervals where the artists noticeably deviate from topics centered on intimate affairs. For instance, Cardi B makes two profound statements. First is that she is a well-established hit maker and in fact can produce such tracks at will. Secondly she levies a physical threat against another female who is running her mouth. The latter is most likely targeted at Nicki Minaj, as she and Cardi actually got into a fistfight shorty before the release of “Twerk”. 

Miami also suggests that she’ll get her homeys to beat up a dude she is dealing with who is giving her a hard time. Ultimately the song ends just as it began, which is by encouraging listeners to get their twerk on.

Having said all the above, it’s important that we also mention that in addition to being an ode to twerking, the song also contains certain female empowerment lyrics. However, the female empowerment part is greatly overshadowed by twerk glorifying lyrics.

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