Katy Perry’s “Never Really Over” Lyrics Meaning

The song “Never Really Over” by Katy Perry is based on a philosophy which states that “all of our relationships… none are ever really over.”  This basically means that if you love someone and breakup with them, that person will still retain a space in your heart and mind nonetheless.

So throughout this song, we have the singer dealing with a dilemma centered on her inability to get over her ex, a person whom she broke up with two years ago. For instance, she monitors his wellbeing via the internet. This is despite her desire to forget about him, which has her even considering going to “hypnotherapy” in order to ‘rewire her brain’. But as for now, efforts to get over him are proving to be futile, as feelings for him inevitably start to “trickle back in”.

Perry acknowledges that, in this state of weakness, there is a chance he will “be coming over again”.  This likely insinuates her propensity to get re-engaged with him romantically. In such a case, she will have to reboot her efforts to “get over” him. And ultimately, being stuck in this cycle will prevent her from moving forward in life.

So at the end of the day, this song is not about the singer’s intent or even desire to get back with her ex. Rather it is based on her coming to the realization that he is someone who she will never truly stop caring about.

Lyrics of "Never Really Over"

Facts about “Never Really Over”

Katy Perry teased the release of this track via Twitter on 29 May 2019. Capitol Records then officially released it two days later, on 31 May 2019.

 Katy Perry co-wrote “Never Really Over” with a number of others songwriters, who include the below:

  •  Michelle Buzz
  • Jason Gill
  • Dagny
  • Farrago
  • Hayley Warner
  • Leah Haywood
  • Daniel James
  • Zedd

Zedd also co-produced the track, alongside the production duo Dreamlab.

Katy Perry and Zedd teamed up earlier in the year on the song “365”. This is therefore not the first time she is working with him.

“Never Really Over” is the first single Perry has dropped as a soloist since 2017.

Is “Never Really Over” about Katy Perry’s ex, Orlando Bloom?

Despite the fact that Katy is yet to state whether the lyrics of this track are about American actor Orlando Bloom, many fans believe it is about none other than him. And what do we think? Somehow we suspect it is about him. Katy and Bloom began dating in early 2016. However, the relationship came to an end in February of 2017. More than a year later, Katy and Bloom got back together and rekindled their relationship. This was somewhere in April 2018. By February of the following year, Katy revealed that she and Bloom were engaged.

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