“Land of Make Believe” by Bucks Fizz

As its title suggests, this is a song filled with allegories. At the center is a child who is apparently being lured, chased and entertained by imaginary characters, similar to Alice in Wonderland one can say. And according to co-writer Pete Sinfield, all of this is ultimately meant to point back to the concept of ‘anti-Thatcherism’. Indeed the 1980s was a decade in which many a pop song with political undertones came out, especially by the likes of British musicians. And during that era the late Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (1925-2013) was the most-prominent and influential figure in British politics. Moreover as implied, many people disapproved of her methodologies and the direction she took the country in. And whereas it may not apparent by the lyrics of “The Land of Make Believe”, such an idea is intended to be the underlying theme of this tune.

“Land of Make Believe” Information

Writing: Andy Hill in conjunction with Peter Sinfield
Production: Hill
Album: “Are You Ready”
Release: November 13th, 1981

Facts about “Land of Make Believe”

The track was released in 1981 by Bucks Fizz, a British band. It was a part of the album ‘Are You Ready?’. In 1982, it hit the top of the Charts in the United Kingdom. It did not end there. It made waves in Belgium and Netherlands among other countries.

When a person listens to the song, it sounds like a song just for fun. However, according to the writer Peter Sinfield, the track was against the policies of Margaret Thatcher’s government.

Not all the members of the band were hopeful about this song but it turned out better than they anticipated.

It is also stated that a part of the track recorded by Bobby G was mistakenly deleted by the engineer and was never re-recorded.

In 2002, the band allSTARS covered the song for their single release.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Have to say! Just listened to this for the first time in years and seriously think its about stalker’s or peodophile’s! 😱 Who knows!

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