“Late Night Feelings” by Mark Ronson (Ft. Lykke Li)

Mark Ronson’s “Late Night Feelings” seems to be based on the singer (Lykke Li) having “late night feelings” for someone she knows she should not be messing with. In other words, at this time of the evening her “heart keeps pulling in the wrong direction” towards this individual, even though she classifies this as “the wrong affection”. 

And this is not to say that she does not fight these sensations. But apparently this person has a special influence over her, which includes having the ability to make her “go insane”. So if this track were to be condensed into a single thesis, it would read along the lines of Lykke suffering – for lack of a better word – due to falling in love with the wrong person, an individual who she still longs for on a nightly basis. And this falls within the theme of the entire “Late Night Feelings” project as, according the Ronson, the album is filled with “sad bangers”, as in dance song with unhappy undertones.

Lyrics of Mark Ronson's "Late Night Feelings"

Facts about “Late Night Feelings”  

  • “Late Night Feelings” is featured on Mark Ronson’s 2019 album of the same name. The song was released as the second single from the album on 12 April 2019. The first single from this album was the hit “Nothing Breaks Like a Heart” (which featured American singer Miley Cyrus).
  • This is the first collaboration between Mark Ronson, an English producer and Lykke Li, a singer from Sweden.
  • The two artists wrote the track alongside Stephen Kozmeniuk and another songwriter named Ilsey Juber.
  • Ronson was also involved in its production, with assistance from the Picard Brothers.
  • The label behind the publication of this song is Sony Music.

NOTE: Singer Lykke Li is best known for her 2011 smash hit single “I Follow Rivers“.

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