“Layla” by DJ Robin & Schürze

“Layla” is classified under a subgenre known of Ballermann, which is apparently, if this piece is to be taken as an example, defined by the type of simple, repetitive lyrics we usually find in house songs. But this one can also be deemed relatively complex within the context of dance music, as for instance in this case we have two vocalists, and there are also at least three different characters present in the featured narrative. And those three characters, cutting right to the chase, would apparently be a “who-ehouse” owner as well as a couple of johns.

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So basically, as presented “Layla” is a working girl under the employ of said brothel owner. And he goes about bigger her up as being the ‘prettiest, youngest and ho*niest’ girl in his collection. Or as colorfully put she is his “who*ehouse mom”, presumably the main attraction he uses to lure customers and/or the female caretaker of the ladies therein. 

In the first verse, there is seemingly a customer who is presented as a third-party individual. But by the time all is said and done we see that the vocalists are also smitten by “the b**ch Layla”, implying that they too have partaken of her pleasures.

And as indicated by the aforenoted liberal use of the B-word, well, let’s just say that some johns are classier than others, and Robin and Schürze don’t seem to fall into that category. 

A song that criticizes the MeToo Movement?

Songs about falling in love with prostitutes or what have you aren’t unheard of in the music industry, so you have to presume that, if so desired, the artists could have taken a more tactful approach to the subject at hand than this. But it has been speculated that one of the purposes of “Layla” is to serve as an indirect criticism of the MeToo movement, a current trend which many men feel is an attempt to emasculate society at large. 

And understandably, the lyrics of this song have caused a significant backlash, to the point of even being banned at an event known as the Kiliani Folk Festival, despite the fact that “Layla” has proven especially popular in such venues.

And as for Schürze and DJ Robin, they’re having a hard time perceiving what all of the drama is about. Indeed the former went on to clarify that this song is “about the puff mama… a relaxed woman who has a cigarette and… coffee in her hand and always has a relaxed saying”. 

Furthermore, he proclaimed that this track is “not about prostitution”. And technically speaking, he may be sorta correct. After all the lyrics are about Layla, i.e. her sexual attractiveness but not about her line of employment per se. The fact that she’s young, beautiful, hot and works in a brothel has the homeys excited, as to be expected in context. 

But to reiterate, what it is that more logically has critics fuming is the blunt and potentially-offensive way they go about relaying that sentiment.

Lyrics of "Layla"

Another Interpretation of “Layla”: By Another Hand

This is a song that has caused a considerable amount of controversy due to its lyrical contents. The lyrics, on the surface, logically imply that the track’s overarching subject matter is prostitution. However, the artists behind “Layla” have argued that such is not the case. So what it more or less boils down to is a matter of perspective. Put simply, it depend on what the listener deems is being inferred by the narrative at hand.

The Narrative

And said narrative is a pretty simple one. The vocalist(s) is portrayed as chillin’ in town. He is basically minding his own business, when another man strikes a conversation with him. Said individual proceeds to reveal a “secret” to the vocalist, that he ‘has a who-ehouse’. And more importantly the “Puffmama”, i.e. bawd of the institution is one Layla.

Now it is from this point forward that personal interpretation kicks in. Usually a bawd (as in a woman who oversees a brothel) as generally understood may be attractive in her own right. But she’s usually an older, tenured working girl. She is one who is experienced in the game, so to speak. However, Layla is depicted as being “prettier, younger [and] hotter” than presumably the other ladies contained therein. So basically, this guy who is advertising the who-ehouse to the vocalist is presenting this woman who is supposed to be the housemother as also being his main draw.

The narrator then proceeds to go to the brothel to see Layla himself. And truthfully, the lyrics do not proceed to actually indicate that he patronized the establishment. Instead, what is made abundantly clear is that he is in fact taken aback by her “sexy figure” and “blond hair”. Indeed it is a love-at-first-sight type of scenario.

The Conclusion

That said, as far as the overall nature of this song goes, in the bridge the narrator also refers to this selfsame Layla as a “slut”. So at the end of the day, the narrative ends on sort of a cliffhanger. You’d have to presume that the brothel owner who lured the vocalist to ‘his joint’ didn’t do so just for him to gawk at a particularly-pretty lady. 

Also, it’s quite telling that the narrator would follow a stranger to a whorehouse to begin with. But outside of the utilization of a couple of choice lyrics, the story at hand may not be outstandingly offensive in and of itself. Yet at the same time, it is understandable why some parties may be concerned about all that’s being inferred.


DJ Robin and Schürze

Robin and Schürze are both German musicians. From the looks of things, they are quite popular in Deutschland. But neither, as of this writing, has an English Wikipedia page. However, that may change soon since “Layla” has proven to be a multi-week chart topper in Germany.

What makes that accomplishment more notable is that this is the first song that falls under a European subgenre called Ballermann to reach number one in Germany.

When was “Layla” released?

This was released on 25 March 2022. It came out through Summerfield Records.

Credits for “Layla”

DJ Robin did not produce this track. He rather acts as its primary vocalist alongside Schürze. The actual producers of “Layla” are as follows:

  • Thomas Wendt
  • Dennis Geist

Music Video

The music video to this song was filmed in the German city of Schwäbisch Hall. And interesting to note is that in the clip, which is partially set in a strip club, the role of “Layla” appears to be portrayed by a man dressed in drag.

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Layla is not a prostitute she is the madame that keeps track and watch over the prostitutes. Also, the word “geiler” in this context it’s not meant as horny – it means better. You could say this is a great outfit, and Germany would say geiles outfit. Teen/slang lingo, but fairly accepted. Originally ho-ny.
    Layla is portrayed by a man in the official video. Not in drag, just woman’s clothes and wig.

    • SMF says:

      What really is the difference between a man ‘dressed in drag’ and a man ‘dressed as a woman’? That said, the video actually has a man on stage, at a stripper’s pole, wearing a dress, high heels, stockings, a blouse and a wig. For the first minute or so they don’t show his face, but you can tell by the calf muscles that it’s a man. And when they do show his face it’s clearly a man, not a man trying to actually pass as a female. And overall it had a real comedic tone, as if the artists are mocking or I would rather argue trying to misdirect the audience.

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