Rammstein’s “Angst” Lyrics Meaning

It has been inferred, via its music video, that this song (“Angst”) is political in nature. And such an idea has been verified by a prominent professor of German Literature who did a complete study on “Zeit”, the album this track is derived from.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Rammstein's Angst at Lyrics.org.

The “Black Man” referred to in the lyrics is actually the German equivalent of the boogeyman. In other words, it is a fictional entity that German parents – or more specifically, according to the first verse, fathers – use to scare their children into behaving as instructed even when daddy is not around to watch them.

The Lyrics of “Angst”

Fundamentally, what this song is putting forth is that being inculcated with such fear in our youth is not a good thing. But why? Simply because since “the Black Man” doesn’t actually exist, what we end up doing is developing the practice of guarding ourselves against threats that aren’t really out there.

Or, have you ever heard how some people say that the letters in the word fear stand for false evidence appearing real? That is the concept Rammstein is speaking to on this song, i.e. being stricken with an unfounded fright, particularly in relation to your fellow man. So as illustrated in the second verse, this may result in some people being afraid of strangers. Or as presented in the pre-chorus and once again going back to the political connotation behind this song, such fear can even result in something like group violence or warfare.

So even though the term “Black Man”, as utilized, is also founded in an old school game children play in Germany, it is still interesting that Rammstein decided to use such terminology. For as we all know, Black people have a tendency to be demonized in many countries, i.e. people growing to fear them based on stereotypes, how they are portrayed in the media or what have you.

And even though this song does not appear to have any specific racial component, that is exactly the type of ignorance, if you will, that Rammstein is speaking to. If a person or people let the potential of a threat overtake them, they may find themselves rather becoming the “evil”, so to speak, that they fear.

Lyrics to Rammstein's "Angst"

Date of Release of “Angst”

Vertigo/Capitol, which is part of the Universal Music Group, made this song public on 29 April 2022. Upon release, it became the third single from Rammstein’s album “Zeit”. Other singles from this album include: “Zeit” and “Zick Zack“.


Rammstein is a heavy metal band from Germany that has, as time progressed, proven increasingly popular in other parts of the world outside of their homeland. For instance, the group’s previous studio album, “Untitled” (2019) was their first to break the top 10 of the UK Albums Chart and Billboard 200. This is on top of the album being their sixth consecutive to reach number 1 in Germany.

Credits for “Angst”

Rammstein is a sextet consisting of the following:

  • Christoph Schneider
  • Christian Lorenz
  • Oliver Riedel
  • Paul Landers
  • Richard Kruspe
  • Till Lindemann

All of the names above are individually credited as writers of this song. Furthermore, the entire band, as a unit, produced “Angst”. They did so alongside Olsen Involtini.

The music video to this track, as is usual with Rammstein, proved to be a cinematic and artistic affair. The clip was directed by Robert Gwisdek.


20 Responses

  1. Michael says:

    Thank you for this insight 😌

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks, this is helpful.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Excellent example of Texas angst for asylum seekers from Central America and Caribbean.
    Also suburban angst all over United States of “die Swartze Man”.
    Song has great insight.

    • Zarathustra says:

      The US is being invaded with the point of making whites a minority in their own country. Grow the “other” political party by flooding states with rigged elections with more people justifying more reps in Congress hence more power. Particularly, when they don’t have a competent platform.

  4. Steve Morris says:

    My take was media figures spreading fear and hatred and turning people against each other. I even saw Brexit in the walls being built between formally peaceful gardens and in the media figure’s haircut, which reminded me of Boris Johnson. But I suppose everyone sees their own demon. Also, my interpretation is mainly based on the video as I am not a German speaker. R+

    • Anonymous says:

      actually I think the same! And aren’t their clothing is very British? also the desert they eat at the end of the mv.

    • Geordie says:

      You see only what you want to see, there is nothing pertaining to Brexit, only your own demonization of it. I saw Brexit as a good thing.

  5. rayjaymor says:

    >It has been inferred, via its music video, that this song (“Angst”) is political in nature.

    You’re new to Rammstein, aren’t you?

  6. Herr Niemand says:

    I have enjoyed Rammstein’s musik since late 90’s, and I think their music has only gotten better, and better. With their last few releases I have seen a lot, or at least have payed more attention too, the meaning behind their musik. That is what I love about them. Of course, they have a few fun(?) songs. But Deutschland, Zeig Dich, Zeit and Angst just to name a few. Their mv’s and the choreography are bad ass. You can tell they love the musik.

    When it comes to Angst, I feel a connection to a corrupt government, asserting control over the people. I think it demonstrates those who are complient with a corrupt government, who break free, and those who rebel. Kind of a “1984” scenario.

  7. Max Martin says:

    Angst music video is excellent insight what is currently happening in Russia. People has been made into fearing something anti-Russian that is lurking outside Russian borders (Let’s call them Nazis) and we must defend ourself. People are completely unaware of the humanitarian crises that the war is causing. Till Lindeman portraits Putin himself, a maniac who should be kept far away from making a speech.

  8. Jaap from Deventer, Holland says:

    More credits: the photograph on the cover is by Bryan Adams, the musician.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, this is eye opening. I enjoy this album so much.

  10. Max says:

    Its not “black man”, but “boogeyman” so I doubt this is a song about black people

  11. SH says:

    In the video at 4.50 there is a black woman and child sitting within barbwire in something that could be a refugee camp. I think its about europe is afraid of black refugees from africa. Rammstein is playing with words and that schwartze mann can be interpreted both as the boogeyman literally as an african black man.

  12. Anonymous says:

    One of them actually said in an interview that one song on the album was “inspired by events going on in America!”

  13. jpa says:

    Parole tout à fait d’actualité en Russie avec cette peur de l’étranger engendrée par un illuminé au pouvoir.

  14. Grim says:

    It is an old European (and probably world wide) tradition, to warn children about dangers that can be life threatening via imaginary characters and beings. One reason being that young children don’t understand the concept of death, or rather, they are still learning the consequences of their actions – so they tend to be careless.

    So, there is a boogeyman living in the well (people used to have wells in their yards) so you better not go near the well. Of course there isn’t, but it can be very dangerous if young children falls into the deep well.

    And there are witches etc. in the forest. They are predatory wild animals, wolves, bears..

    So there are definitely good things coming out of fear. As long as fear does not become dominant.

    Interesting indeed, that they chose “black man”. In the light of recent years, politically speaking, it could have perhaps been more striking to refer to “orange man”.

  15. User of a friend's phone says:

    I think this means many things…
    1. Nations of Gangstalkers and wars against people no matter what the reasons.
    2. War between countries
    3. Political wars and dirty business
    4. People in general fighting a war for their lives no matter the situation.

    Fear of, not just political reasons and such, but society. Society has no mind of their own, they follow “protocol” of so called America and so on elsewhere, and society is ignorant.
    It’s ALL about power and control, and they are ALL nothing without some form of it.
    I’m willing to guess that most of them have no power nor control over their own lives…
    Their old men and women… Power and control… Entitlement they try to dub as wisdom and knowledge for the “good of the people”. Which is BS. THEY are powerless without the poor and foolfk society to give them that power.
    Presidents, politicians, etc, etc. and feel their entitled asses can judge and jury whatever and whomever they want, and therefore try to justify their anger and other issues with gangstalking type methods, “for the good of the people”?? What people, exactly??
    The rich, the worldly, etc, etc?? Foolery.
    Everyone is going to suffer either way at the hands of these empty heads. Power and control hungry and everyone starves, no matter what nation.

    So, The term “Black man/Boogeyman” in terms of “game” years ago and possibly now, was meant in terms of the “Black plague” where a team member and prospective members were picked and would ask other players, “Who’s afraid of “Blackman”.
    Meaning, “Who’s afraid of who in this world”?
    … Everyone… Everyone.

  16. Autonomous says:

    I think this represents all countries. They all start out being good neighbors, but then they start to get defensive after being fed a bunch of false media(when their heads are stuck to their monitors). It’s the media and governments creating division and fear within their people. In the US they pitted the democrats and republicans against each other. In Canada, they pitted the vaccinated against the non vaccinated. UK they split the people with Brexit. It’s the governments turning the people against each other. Divide and conquer while they rob the middle and lower classes. It’s nothing more than a bunch of high end bank robbers.

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