Meaning of “Deutschland” by Rammstein

“Deutschland” is what Germany is called in its native tongue. As such, this song is about the rock band Rammstein’s feelings about their home country as well as a glimpse into German history.

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The song kicks off with the band stating that Germany has “cried a lot”, which is an allusion to its violent history. In fact the reason the song has become an international sensation is due its music video featuring the Rammstein living through various eras of Germany’s history, with most of these scenarios being highlighted by violence. 

They also bring up Deutschland’s record of political and ideological division. However, they acknowledge that despite these differences, the German people are indeed a united entity.

The members of Rammstein have a love/hate relationship with Germany. On one hand, they are committed nationalists, bigging up the German people and stating outright their desire to love the country in general. But at the same time, they acknowledge that there are aspects of the nation that they “hate” and want to “damn”. 

This again likely has to do with Germany’s turbulent history. For instance, “Deutschland’s” music video went viral before it was even fully released due to depictions of the Holocaust, with the hasty generalization being that the artists were supporting Nazism.

However, when studying the lyrics of the song and the video in its entirety, it can be seen that such is clearly not the case. Rather they were criticizing the murderous reign of the Nazis, indeed depicting themselves as victims of it.

“Germany – my heart in flames
Want to love and damn you
Germany – your breath’s cold
So young, and yet so old

Ultimately every positive characteristic Rammstein identifies with Germany also has its accompanying fault. For instance, where there is the potential to climb higher, there is also the possibility of falling further. Where there is a blessing, there is also a curse. And more than anything, where there is love, there is also hate. And in the end, due to this dichotomy, as much as they feel for their homeland, Rammstein finds it difficult to completely commit to it.

Release Date of “Deutschland”

This is the lead single from Rammstein’s seventh album. Said album was never given an official title.

The release date of this track was on 28 March 2019. And it came out via a collaborative effort between Vertigo/Capitol and Vertigo Berlin, which are both subsidiaries of the Universal Music Group.

Writing Credits

This song was written by the following members of Rammstein:

  • Paul L. C. Lorenz
  • R. Kruspe
  • O. Riedel
  • C. Schneider
  • T. Lindemann 

And the band produced the track in conjunction with Olsen Involtini.

“Deutschland” Music Video

The music video to this song contributed to the track’s fame – or infamy – depending on one’s perspective. It features a controversial and violent view of German history alongside other challenging imagery, as depicted by director Specter Berlin.  Said clip comes complete with graphic references to Na**sm and the Jewish Holoc**st which led to the strongest backlash. It also notably features an Afro-German actress, Ruby Commey.

Commey, in the video portrays the role of Germania, the female personification of Germany. But ultimately such shock tactics are part of Rammstein’s established shtick, as in a tactic which helps them sell as a band.

And the video did go on to be celebrated by at least one prominent music publication, as readers of Kerrang voted it Video of the Year for 2019.

Performance on the Chart

Overall “Deutschland” performed extremely well on the charts. It reached number one on the music charts of Germany, Hungary and Switzerland. It also replicated this feat on Billboard’s Euro Digital Song Sales chart. The track has also been certified platinum in Germany, and overall it charted in about 25 nations.

55 Responses

  1. Geraldo Löhrs says:

    Deutschland für immer!

    • Kojo says:

      Geraldo, we do love Germany too. So we gladly join you in saying, “Germany Forever”!

      • Yomismo says:

        what an impertinent message. Rammstein is a German band which sings in German and also in English, but mostly in German! And short sentences should be totally welcome. Say the same in English, it doesn’t have the same soul or spirit. What nonsense say I translate “Germany forever”… :S

  2. Darren says:

    Rammstein should have stuck to songs about drugs and weird sex… Politics is poor business material. Germany has a proud history and should be proud of what it is, while learning from the mistakes of genocide against God’s chosen people. Aside from that Germany has nothing to feel shame about.

    • Ouija says:

      Well “god’s chosen people” that statement is debatable. If anyone else would say that they were god’s chosen today we would brand them as being narcissistic and possibly suffering from delusions of grandure. What nazi’s did during WW2 was criminal and barbaric to no end. However humanity is still in shadows of both WW1 and WW2 without knowing the real reasons behind the wars and why they were started and created by someone who benefited from them, while hundreds of millions suffered. Entire human history is a lie written by victors or those in power.

      • leszko says:

        In video are slso mentioned: Hindenburg crusch, coloning a dog.

        As every superpower Germany was and still is making their wealth by sucking blood dry from others. It is true that Germany is not only plowdering Europe thing and has also glorious moments too. They did not spend thrir loot to obtain more loot, but took credit to science, culture and Art.

        • Historyloser101 says:

          Its sad when un educated un informed people talk about things they really know nothing about……it shows and it isnt attractive to say the least

        • Anonymous says:

          I just sit back and enjoy their music. This is a great song. Coming from SAfrica I do think I can associate with the love for your people, even if there were bad things that happened. Despicing the bad things but also loving your country. Does it make you a bad person if you are still loving your country, proud of where you are coming from although you hate the bad things that happened. We cannot change history, we can only learn from it. One cannot simply just point the finger to Germans as I think that Germans also suffered alot as well.

        • Anonymous says:

          …Because it’s ruled by jews, retard.

          • Anonymous says:

            you just showed your true colors and are not worthy of a discussion circle.

      • Ants says:


      • Indian guy says:

        Amazing comment.

      • Historyloser101 says:

        Amen. But while showing the “atrocities” of Germany why dont they show the atrocities of Bolshevikism and the genocide millions of russians and Europeans alike that were tortured butchered starved and exicuted in ww1 that GERMANS fought to bravely to aid agaisnt communism’s far stretching reach.or maybe they could have shown the German people living in filth and degridation paying 100 million duetschmarks for a loaf of bread due to inflation with no jobs no food Nd homes freezing thousands of women and children every winter due to the unfair un just ruleings put in place by the treaty of versiles . or the millions of german nationals in danzig and poland stuck there by no choice of there own again due to german land being given away and seperated from its home land after ww1 then being slaughtered men women and children just because they were german . people having their stomaches cut open and their intestines being nailed to a pole and then forced to run in circles around the pole till all the intestines were wrapped or they died . burning hundreds of germans alive at once in christian churches across poland. Maybe if they were going to show german history they could have shown some of that too!

      • James says:

        I’m afraid there isn’t a God’s chosen people anymore. Gods people are the believers in him, not a race of people. Stop using that old nonsense.

      • Junior says:

        Very true

      • Anonymous says:

        This is a misunderstanding of what it means in Judaism to be “god’s chosen people”. It’s not an idea that stems from narcissism or a delusion of grandeur, it is about being chosen for a purpose. It is wildly misinterpreted by non-Jews (and even by some Jews) as a belief that Jews are somehow “better” than other people. The majority of Rabbis across the many sects of Judaism reject the idea that the phrase has to do with supremacy. There are varying interpretations of the meaning, but it frequently comes back to being chosen by god to carry out a “mission” or some kind of purpose. Additionally, it does not preclude others from having some kind of similar covenant with god.

      • Andrea's Buideach says:

        The imagery in this video is grotesque. The lyrics are poignant. Every nation is guilty of shocking horrors and unimaginable brutality against their own peole and others. Germans have had to suck up more than their fair share of blame guilt and shame for horrors and nightmares that are the stuff of the wildest but coordinated conspiracy and fiction which it is a crime to question. The guilt which that nation shoulders is in my opinion guilt for a greater crime which few have perceived and fewer addressed. The national spirit of Germany is contrite but not for it’s real crime. Sadly that nation has become what it’s worst enemies have hoped – a basket of basterdised godless heathens. One advantage the Germans have is that they lack the national arrogance of say the USA Great Britain and France. As such I feel they have the potential to be a strong moral force in the world. However they must elect a leader who has the potential to reflect the values of thisgreat but flawed nation.

    • Alex Goldman says:

      uuuummm a proud history? I don’t think so. I would feel exact same if my country had the same history. I would be torn between nationalism and an infamous history that everyone thinks of when they hear ‘Germany’. I can imagine that any German hates people thinking of them as Nazis when they weren’t even alive then. its the same as seeing any Muslim and thinking of them as a terrorist. both have had offsets in history, but their main ideas are not what is portrayed. they are both radical views of a bigger idea.

      • Anonymous says:

        Germany as an incredibly rich history, of which it ought to be proud. Your comment is almost laughable. What is “your country”? If it is any of the first world nations in the West and you are making this statement, you are either in denial or do not have a true knowledge of world history.

      • Historyloser101 says:

        Goldman……..figures. And country does ingrate look at the wars and death it brings where ever it goes .ha some people s children.

      • Heinrich says:

        You’re on to something

    • Alex Goldman says:

      also, art isn’t a business, people have just made it a business so as a band that hasn’t been afraid to speak their mind, I think politics is the perfect subject because so many people have so many different ideas of it. Rammstein is also a very “provocative” band because of their openness and that’s mainly what they want you to feel.

      and finally, brining religeon into politics is not helping. they do not mix at all.

    • Five5x says:

      This comment is 15 years late. Have you forgotten about Amerika? Politics in Rammstein’s music is nothing new.

    • Daan says:

      Pretty weird way of treating your chosen ones. Look through history and you will find out god is an ironic comedian.

    • Arjen Smit says:

      Im glad many of the best musicians we all know didn’t shy away from political messages.

      I also think Rammstein’s message is a good one in these times. Fascist tendencies are on the rise again in all of europe, the US and other parts of the world. Over the past 74 years, Germany has always felt guilt, it was part of their culture. As a citizen of a neighbouring country, i feel this has done them well. Not because i think they should feel guilty for what their ancestors did, but because it gave them a certain humility in their culture. And humility is a trait to admire.
      Now, with the world moving away from humility and again towards fascism, Rammstein brings a perfect message.

    • Julia says:

      Wish that I could agree, but Germany is not the only country influenced by its history. Many countries in Europe have been affected by the events of Germany.

      But if this is not enough then look what people associate Germany with, Hitler, holocaust, Berlin Wall. I mean there’s nothing to be proud of. But of course I also liked their old style more.

    • Aness says:

      God’s chosen people.hahahahaha

    • miroslav99 says:

      Why would you only remember what they and their allies did to “Gods chosen people” and forget what they also did to others? Jews were not the only ones who were killed in concentration camps and elsewhere, but they are often the only ones who are mentioned. Forgetting millions of others is like a second genocide for them.

      • Anonymous says:

        Notice the different badges the band members are wearing in the Holocaust scene of the music video? One member wore the yellow Star of David marking the Jews. One wore the pink triangle for homosexual prisoners. One wore red for political activists. The last wore purple for Sinti and Roma.

        They took everyone into account. They didn’t skimp on the details.

    • Anonymous says:

      God’s chosen people? You are no better than the na*is.

    • Anonymous says:

      >god’s chosen people
      >tortured and killed “his son” for being a charlatan and riot instigator despite no proof of call to violence
      >commit genocide daily against muslims on american coin
      >regularly exiled due to their arrogant claims and reading material that say all those outside them, even converts, are under them

      genocide is everywhere, and both semites cause it as much as the gentiles

    • Anonymous says:

      Nah, this is what makes Rammstein great. Diversity.

    • Doom Shepherd says:

      Music has ALWAYS been political. Something you would know if you hadn’t the mind of a rutabega.

    • Unprintable Name says:

      who the f–k chose that people? you little religious piece of sh-t.

      you are not chosen. you are just the part of an delusive insane divine sh-t. accept that and move on.

  3. Richard milos says:

    Watch the movie Look who’s back. You’ll see that the German people actually hate what their cou try has become and would take any strong leader even Hitler at this point. And that’s a raw video of mostly non actors.

    I feel this song is about Germany’s strong past and the will of the people but if it continues Germany will die. The nazi portion is just part of the history they arent really condoning nazism. Also if the woman is supposed to represent Germany like people say it would make sense that she gave birth to dogs.

  4. wade hohler says:

    this is Rammstein at its best Again! I cant wait to see this song done live!! It doesn’t matter what they sing about, its all great!!come to fort Lauderdale florida USA tour ,please!!! I ‘m learning Duesch , thank You rammstein!

  5. Rachel says:

    Deutschland tells the story of Romans, under Caeser’s rule, unsuccessfully attempted totaled over Germany. Their attempt in rise to power, taking responsibility for the Holocaust, BUT will not even acknowledge their take over of Namibia and their rule there. Much like the Holocaust. The use of a beautiful black woman is symbolic of this as the Namibian Queen. Her in the coffin reflects the death of a race, culture and indigenous group of people that again Germany attempted to govern or rule.

  6. Rachel says:

    In addition to my newly recent post, a misspelling regarding Romans attempted take over of Germany had oddly autocorrected to a nonsense word…apologies. I can’t correct now. However, to add to my post, Rammstein shows their love & frustration (for lack of a better way to say it) of their homeland in DEUTCHLAND. They don’t hold back to speak the truth about negative historical facts no matter how shocking. They speak for freedom, expression through music for ALL. And, as artists are unparalleled!
    That’s why I LOVE RAMMSTEIN. This video is BEAUTIFUL. Beautifully created and delivers to the fans! Heart felt, brutal and mesmerizing. Having seen Rammstein in concert several times they are quickly evolving their music. Unless you’ve experienced it you can’t describe it. Their music isn’t just about “weird sex, drugs”, etc. it never has. If that’s what people think “they should stick to” don’t bother listening to them. Their talent is so diverse & unique it goes above any other in their genre. Their music always has a meaning….Let It Begin!!! I LOVE YOU RAMMSTEIN.

  7. Rachel says:

    Ps…Remember, music of the 60’s and 70’s was just that. There was always a political statement to be made about our government and Vietnam. And, it worked. Those of you who can remember Woodstock…awesome music combined with a shocking “togetherness” that the older generation didn’t understand, thought it perverse soon found they were wrong. Music, No matter your preference has many messages. Music makes free and live vicariously through the lyrics even if only for a moment. ‘Nough said lol

  8. ALex P W says:

    well rammstein is not a rock band, the’re a industrialmetal band or metal band not a rock band

  9. Anonymous says:

    The music video was very well done. Lots of hidden themes buried in it, but that is what you expected. The excessive use of Black, White, Red, and Gold is one. Portraying Germania as a black woman and as an angel at the end while all the band members give birth to puppies is another. Packed with historical references like the Battle of Teutoburg Forest, the Hindenburg, the Holocaust, the Red Army Faction, etc…

    A very well done music video, however I cannot give it the highest marks as it is overly complicated, with constant explosions, killings and shock. A little simplicity goes a long way.

  10. muddy says:

    this about the history of germany, not something to be proud of
    Hopefully the people in this world learn someday

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing wrong with German history. Every country has a dark past, it’s just that Germans waged war on the most powerful group of people on earth, and lost, so we are only shown bad things about Germany.

  11. Coldhearted Pierrot says:

    What a beautiful video to accompany a very poignant song. It literally brought a tear to my eye. Rammstein rulez!

  12. DasAustrianPainter says:


  13. Country boy says:

    The country is wonderful, and it would be a shame if it loses its identity due to multiculturalism. Germany has changed significantly in the past 20 years. What happened?

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