“Leader of a New Regime” by Lorde

Lorde’s “Leader of a New Regime” is related in concept to “Fallen Fruit“, another track featured a bit earlier on the playlist of Solar Power. That is to say that they are both based on this concept of major environmental degradation. 

And “Leader of a New Regime” does a better job of getting that point across than the aforementioned even though, honestly speaking, this song being based on such a premise isn’t abundantly clear either. 

Instead, the stated reasons why Lorde is calling for a new leadership under a fresh order is because “lust and paranoia reign supreme”. Owing to this, there’s the need for a proper type of government, if you will, to counteract this reality. 

And to note, based on the songstress’s own words, this narrative is ‘set in the future, once where the environment is unlivable and society has broken down’.

Society will Collapse if Nothing is Done Now!

It seems obvious, taking the study of both this piece and Fallen Fruit into consideration, that Lorde is under the impression that society may one day collapse. On a side note, it is apparent the young lady is likely being influenced by the likes of Mad Max and what have you. 

But so it is with her generation in general. As time progresses the world is becoming increasingly cognizant of the prospect of some type of natural or manmade calamity transpiring, which in fact they often do, though this song obviously speaks to one more on a global scale.

And it is also apparent that Lorde is the type of individual who believes that government, for lack of a better word, is the solution to such issues – so long as the leader is serious about tackling these problems. 

But that said, the way the vocalist depicts the future in the first verse doesn’t necessarily give the impression that she’s really that worried about where we’re all headed. Or rather let’s say that regardless of what tomorrow may entail, she is resolved to enjoy herself as best she can regardless.

Lorde, "Leader of a New Regime" Lyrics
Lorde explains the meaning of "Leader of a New Regime"

Quick Facts about “Leader of a New Regime”

At just over 1 minute and 30 seconds in length, “Leader of a New Regime” is the shortest track on the playlist of Solar Power. Solar Power is the Lorde album that came out on 20 August 2021 via Republic Records and Lava Records. 

This piece is actually more of an interlude than a standard song.

Lorde wrote this song on her lonesome. And she also acted as one of its producers, as did Malay and Jack Antonoff.

Leader of a New Regime

Was this issued as a Single?

No. Lorde and her team released only the following songs as official singles in support of “Solar Power”:

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