“Glitch” by Taylor Swift

Glitch is a term you would commonly here in relation to something like an unexpected software malfunction. And likewise, the lyrical motif of this song is based on Taylor Swift utilizing terminology associated to that general field, though of course what she is speaking to is a romance and more specifically the one she has with the addressee.

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What’s basically being put forth, as to why the vocalist considers this relationship a “glitch”, is twofold. First is that she never intended it to exist to begin with. Rather as portrayed, she and the addressee “were supposed to be just friends” and didn’t even reside within close enough proximity of each other that anything could logically. 

Yes, it does appear that maybe Taylor had some type of cursory romantic interest in him from the jump. But again, it’s not such that she ever imagined that they would become an item.

Then the beginning of the second verse, depending on how you decipher the wording, may be taken as perhaps the two of them having had a one-night stand, and at the time the addressee being involved with someone else. 

That then brings us to the second utilization of the term “glitch” in that, against all odds if you will, their relationship has actually lasted, apparently for a good six years. In other words, this romance itself, under Taylor’s estimation, is a “glitch”.

Thesis Sentiment of “Glitch”

With all of that noted, what the thesis sentiment arguably revolves around, quite interestingly, isn’t the vocalist celebrating this unexpected love. Instead by the looks of things she remains, to this day, in disbelief that this relationship has occurred. 

And relatedly, Taylor also comes off as if she is not wholly convinced that it is genuine. So if it is indeed Joe Alwyn she’s singing about, well, let’s just say that there’s also other parts of this song, such as the questionable latter half of the second verse, which may allude to everything not being gravy, not due to any fault of the addressee but rather the vocalist feeling as if they are not meant to be.

Taylor Swift's "Glitch" Lyrics

Credits for “Glitch”

This is a song that Taylor Swift once again wrote and produced with Jack Antonoff, though Sounwave is also credited as a co-producer. Both Sounwave and Sam Dew are acknowledged as additional writers.


“Glitch” is not to be found on vinyl or standard editions of “Midnights”, but it is part of the digitally-available “3am Edition” of the LP.  And those seven additional songs, including “Glitch”, have been collectively dubbed so because they came out on 21 October 2022, the same day as the rest of the album, albeit at 3:00am EDT as a surprise release. 

All of this was made possible via the backing of Republic Records, a prominent label that has been around since the mid-1990s.

Below are some other tracks found on Taylor’s record-breaking “Midnights” album:


Final Thoughts about “Glitch”

In all, “Glitch” is an underrated track. The track shows that TayTay isn’t afraid of getting attached to someone despite knowing it could be dangerous.

The song’s lofi vibes presented in the “3am edition” is pretty understandable as it’s the perfect kind of music in the wee hours of the morning.

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