“Let It Be Me” by Steve Aoki (ft. Backstreet Boys)

In Steve Aoki’s “Let It Be Me”, the Backstreet Boys speak to the inevitable challenges that come with falling in love. They are addressing a romantic interest whom they are apparently now about to get serious with. However, this person is not overly keen on that idea, as she is afraid of one day breaking their heart. In other words, she is scarred by the turmoil of love past. And the singers also have their own emotional wounds via similar experiences. However, their disposition is that such discomforts are an unavoidable aspect of falling in love. And falling in love with the right person, i.e. the addressee, is worth this pain. 

Owing to this, they are admonishing her not to deny their romance due to fears of what may occur in the future. Rather, if it is their destiny to once again be hurt by someone, they would rather it be her afflicting the pain than anyone else. Or as the title artistically puts it, if she is to hurt anyone, then “let it be” the singer.

So conclusively, this is by all means a love song. And the unique angle it utilizes is recognizing the significant potential for romantic discontent, which the artists, as well as the addressee, understand due to their knowledge of how such relationships work. So ultimately, this tune is meant to highlight the notion of love being the dominant force over such ever-present uneasiness.

Lyrics of "Let It Be Me"

Music Video of “Let It Be Me”

The music video to this collabo was directed by Tyler Dunning Evans and features select individuals. Each of these individuals tells a story of love triumphing “hate and disease” based on their real-life experiences.

Did the Backstreet Boys write this song along with Steve Aoki?

No, they didn’t. Steve Aoki however, penned this song with a number of songwriters, including the track’s co-producer Teddy Geiger. Aoki also co-produced “Let It Be Me”.

Is this Steve Aoki’s first collabo with Backstreet Boys?

“Let It Be Me” marks the first time the Backstreet Boys have teamed up with Steve Aoki in dropping a song.

Date of Release of “Let It Be Me”

The track was released as a standalone single on 6 September 2019.

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