“No Place” by Backstreet Boys

“No Place” is a love song released in 2019 by the Backstreet Boys. The song’s lyrics focus on the deep love the narrator has for his lover. The love the narrator has for his significant other is so strong that he considers this person his everything. Among other interesting things, the narrator refers to this special person as his “daybreak” as well as his “California sun”.

In the chorus, he sings about being all over the world and doing all the interesting things life has to offer. However, this special person will always be the special home he always wants to go to when all is said and done. Simply put, he feels there’s no place in the world that can bring him more happiness than being with this special person. Hence the song’s title “No Place”.

Lyrics of "No Place"

Facts about “No Place”

  • Three songwriters receive songwriting credits on this track. They are: Brett James, Troy Verges and Joshua Dairen.
  • No member of the Backstreet Boys contributed songwriting nor production to this track.
  • American music producer and songwriter Steve Solomon worked with the Backstreet Boys to produce this song. This is Solomon’s first time working with the group.
  • “No Place” was formally released on January 4, 2019. This was the Backstreet Boys’ first release of 2019.
  • Five prominent cities are mentioned in the song’s lyrics. They are: Rome, Paris, Memphis, New Orleans and New York.
  • The official music video of “No Place” features the real family members of the band.

On which Backstreet Boys’ album can “No Place” be found on?

You can find this song on group’s 2019 album DNA. DNA is their ninth studio album. Actually it is officially the third single from that album. It was preceded by the singles “Chances” and “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart“.

It’s noteworthy to mention that in the United States, DNA isn’t the group’s ninth album but rather their eighth.

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