Like You by Evanescence Lyrics Meaning – Unraveling the Haunting Affection Beyond the Grave

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Stay low, soft, dark and dreamless
Far beneath my nightmares and loneliness
I hate me for breathing without you
I don’t want to feel anymore for you

Grieving for you, I’m not grieving for you
Nothing real love can’t undo
And though I may have lost my way
All paths lead straight to you

I long to be like you
Lie cold in the ground like you

Halo blinding wall between us
Melt away and leave us alone again
Humming haunted somewhere out there
I believe our love can see us through in death

I long to be like you
Lie cold in the ground like you
There’s room inside for two
And I’m not grieving for you
I’m coming for you

You’re not alone
No matter what they told you
You’re not alone
I’ll be right beside you forevermore

I long to be like you, sis
Lie cold in the ground like you did
There’s room inside for two
And I’m not grieving for you

And as we lay in silent bliss
I know you remember me

I long to be like you
Lie cold in the ground like you
There’s room inside for two
And I’m not grieving for you
I’m coming for you

Full Lyrics

In the realm of haunting lyricism and darkly poetic ballads, Evanescence has etched its mark with poignant melodies that echo beyond the scope of mere entertainment. One such evocative piece in their arsenal is ‘Like You,’ a song drenched in the depths of loss, longing, and an ethereal connection that defies mortality.

Amidst the somber strings and Amy Lee’s crystalline wail, ‘Like You’ emerges as a soul-stirring ode to a lost loved one. The lyrics invite a deluge of emotion, drawing listeners into a contemplative journey through grief, devotion, and the indefatigable bond of love.

The Resonance of Sorrow: Grief Transformed into Melody

The opening line, ‘Stay low, soft, dark, and dreamless,’ immediately plunges us into a mindspace shrouded in desolation. It’s a world where nightmares blend with reality, and the presence of an absence is palpable in every drawn breath. Evanescence has a knack for translating the physical symptoms of grief into a musical composition that resonates with anyone who has ever felt the cold touch of loss.

As Lee’s voice cradles the lament, ‘I hate me for breathing without you,’ the song reveals its first emotional crescendo, a raw admission of survivor’s guilt. It’s a heart-rending acknowledgment that life goes on, but not without profound psychological changes for those left behind.

Unseen Bonds: The Ethereal Connection Through Death

While the lyrics paint a picture of an individual grappling with the finality of death, ‘Like You’ skillfully weaves a narrative of hope that love will ultimately transcend physical separation. The lines ‘All paths lead straight to you’ and ‘I believe our love can see us through in death’ suggest a steadfast belief in a union unbroken by the grave.

This ethereal connection is achingly beautiful, as it presents the idea of an enduring bond that navigates the mysterious beyond. It’s not a haunting; it’s a comforting presence, a faith that there is room for more than just memory in the realm of the departed.

Diving into the Song’s Hidden Meaning: A Tribute to a Sister Lost

A closer inspection of the song’s bridge, ‘I long to be like you, sis. Lie cold in the ground like you did,’ uncovers the deeply personal layer of the lyrics. It reflects a monumental loss in Amy Lee’s own life—the passing of her younger sister. The phrase ‘like you, sis’ is a tender, almost whisper-like invocation of familial love and a shared past.

In this light, ‘Like You’ transforms into a haunting tribute, a eulogy sung by a sister who yearns for closeness with her sibling on the other side. It speaks to the universal yearning for connection with those who have left our world, the achingly human desire to bridge the gap between life and death.

Unforgettable Lines: ‘I’m not grieving for you, I’m coming for you’

Among the tapestry of ‘Like You’s’ lyricism, certain lines carve their permanence into the listener’s soul. The declaration ‘I’m not grieving for you, I’m coming for you’ holds a defiance against the inevitability of loss, implying an active pursuit, a journey towards reunion that comforts as much as it aches.

This enduring message speaks volumes about the song’s theme of undying love. It promises a connection that defies the chasm of death, giving listeners a space to find solace in the notion that love can be the compass that guides us through the darkest nights.

The Soul’s Solace in Music: ‘Like You’ as an Ode to Endless Love

Evanescence and, more specifically, Amy Lee, have never shied away from exploring the caverns of the human heart. In ‘Like You,’ they offer solace by understanding and expressing the inexpressible, by giving voice to the silent screams that accompany the severance of a beloved presence.

The song stands as a testament to the power of music to navigate the depths of human experience, to comfort, and to connect. Even as the final strains fade away, the echo of ‘Like You’ continues to resonate, transcending time and space, just as the love it so beautifully commemorates.

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