“Lonely” by Noah Cyrus

Noah Cyrus’ “Lonely” reads like a song-length expression of teenage angst.  The singer presents herself as someone who is a victim of just about every negative line of thought a young lady in her position can manifest. 

And in general, she comes off as a teenager with a fair share of self-esteem issues. This all boils down to Noah being “lonely”, which reads as if it is both a mental and social affliction. Therefore she wants “someone”, “anyone” to help her overcome this disposition. So ultimately, it sounds as if the solution to her problem would be a close friendship. That is to say that perhaps the main contributor to this disposition is apparently the songstress being separated from her family.

But that being said, it is apparent that having a romantic partner might also help her surmount her problems with loneliness. And we say this because in the first verse of the song, she categorically laments her lack of a “romantic life”.

Lyrics of "Lonely"

Release Date of “Lonely”

Cyrus released “Lonely” through Columbia Records on 26 September 2019. It is highly likely that this track will appear on Noah Cyrus’s forthcoming debut album. Her previous single “Try” would likely also be featured on the same album.

Writing and Production

The track was produced by Dan Gleyzer alongside another producer named Rollo Spreckley. Rollo also co-wrote the song alongside Noah Cyrus.

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