Make Me (Cry) by Noah Cyrus

What is the meaning of the song Make Me (Cry) by Noah Cyrus?

Make Me (Cry) by Noah Cyrus featuring Labrinth.

Make Me (Cry) is a song by American singer and actress Noah Cyrus featuring English singer and songwriter Labrinth. Speaking with American magazine V, Cyrus talked about the song saying its main theme is “toxic love”. She went on to further state that the music video of Make Me (Cry) explains what the song is all about. And indeed when you watch the music video, you instantly get an idea what the song is all about. It talks about the sadness felt when one’s significant other persistently shows no interest in one’s affection, as can be seen from the intense sadness in the eyes of the characters (Cyrus and Labrinth) in the music video whose respective partners don’t care about them.

Both the lyrics and music video of Make Me (Cry) will definitely take no time to resonate with anyone who finds or has found him or herself in a toxic love or a failed relationship.

Labrinth and Noah Cyrus performing the song “Make Me (Cry)” on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon in January 2017.

Facts about the song Make Me (Cry)

  • Make Me (Cry) is the lead single from Cyrus’ 2017 debut album NC-17.
  • The song was officially released in November 2016.
  • The song was written by Noah Cyrus and Timothy McKenzie (popularly known as Labrinth). According to Cyrus, Labrinth came up with the chorus of the song before she joined him in writing the song’s lyrics.
  • Cyrus was only 16 years old when the song was released.
  • Labrinth, who is also a music producer, produced the song.
  • The song’s music video, which came out on November 22, 2016, was directed by noted English music video director Sophie Muller. Muller has worked with renowned artists such as Pink, Sade, Beyonce, Shakira, Eurythmics, etc.

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