Noah Cyrus’ “July” Lyrics Meaning

Noah Cyrus’ song “July” does not appear to have anything in particular to do with the titular month. In fact it is never even mentioned in the song’s lyrics.

What this track is actually about is Cyrus being emotionally ensnared in a toxic relationship. That is to say that despite realizing that she made the “wrong” decision by falling in love with this person, she still lacks the wherewithal to “move on”. She just can’t seem to quit the romance and move forward with her life. This is primarily due to her being “afraid of change”.

So she is putting the onus on her partner to initiate the breakup instead. In other words, she states that if he ‘wants her to leave’, she is more than willing to do so. But conclusively there is no stated guarantee that he will ever do so. So the song pretty much ends where it begins, with Noah alluding to the emotional abuse she suffers “every day” at the hands of her significant other while simultaneously acknowledging that she will “still stay”.

So despite obviously being with someone whose words and actions are negatively affecting her self-esteem, Noah endures the relationship. And the insinuation isn’t so much that she is doing so for love.  In fact while trying to convince her partner that they should part ways, she tempts him with the idea of his being able to ‘find someone that loves him better than she does’.

Rather, as mentioned earlier, her true issue is a fear of the unknown. She’s scared of what her life would be like devoid of this relationship that she has grown accustomed to, despite its destructive qualities. So all things considered, it is pretty safe bet to assume that the singer will be caught up in this situation into the foreseeable future.

Lyrics of "July"

What Noah Cyrus has said about “July”

But ultimately, based on Noah Cyrus’s own words, this song is meant to have a positive message. Its lyrics reflect an actual period in her life when she “felt like (she) amounted to nothing to someone and never felt good enough for them”. 

Noah Cyrus on the meaning of "July"

But that is the premise of “July”, not its conclusion. Rather the track is meant to espouse a message of individuals “walking away from the baggage”. Put differently, it encourages us to walk away from emotionally-depressing experiences which continue to weigh us down, even though Noah acknowledges that doing so “is hard, and it hurts”.

Release Date of “July”

Columbia Records teamed up with Records LLC to release “July”. They released it on the last day of July 2019 (31 July).

On that same day its music video, which was directed by James Pereira, was also released. This marked the first song Cyrus put out as the lead singer in 2019.

Although at the time of its release “July” is not associated with any larger project, it is expected to serve as the lead single from Noah Cyrus’s debut album.

 Did Noah Cyrus write this song?

Yes. She co-wrote it with Peter Harding and the song’s producer, Michael Sonier.

What has the title (“July”) got to do with the song?

Like we said above, the title doesn’t exist anywhere in the song’s lyrics. It is not exactly clear the exact connection between the title and the words of the song. However, it should be noted that Cyrus released the song in the month of July (which is a connection to the title). It is also possible that the song is partly based on summertime sadness/depression. And as we all know, July is one of the months of summer.

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  1. Niasia Anderson says:

    This song is about Noah’s toxic relationship with a person. She knows she no good for him and swears he deserves better. She wants him to be with someone who takes the relationship seriously. This song is very sad but great.

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