“Lonely Hearts” by JoJo

On “Lonely Hearts”, JoJo comes off as if she is in a toxic romance or what can perhaps be better understood as a nonprogressive relationship. In other words, she lets it be known, via elaborate wording, that she does in fact enjoy the physical aspect of this union.  However, she has concluded that being with this particular partner at this particular time is not the best choice in terms of her own personal development. And the primary reason she feels this way can be defined as her not being able to ascertain if her partner is really serious or if their relationship will ultimately end in heartbreak.

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So this songs reads like a spirit-versus-flesh type of scenario. That is to say, in a very-basic sense, that the singer’s carnal desires are clouding her overall judgement. But in terms of settling the matter, she has clearly concluded that the relationship must come to an end.  In other words, “lonely hearts” do not get broken. So even if she does decide to take on the less-than-favorable mantle of singlehood, in doing so she also knows that she is not empowering anyone to break her heart. And conclusively, we can say that on this track JoJo presents herself as someone who would rather play in safe than sorry in the field of romance.

Lyrics of "Lonely Hearts"

Facts about “Lonely Hearts”

“Lonely Hearts” was produced by Doc McKinney and Sir Dylan.

They also co-wrote the song alongside Elizabeth B. Lowell, Merna Bishouty and of course JoJo.

And the music video to the track employed JoJo’s homey Zelda Williams as its director.

“Lonely Hearts” is a feature on JoJo’s forthcoming album, which is entitled “Good to Know”.

JoJo has pointed out that as of late she has been on a “journey of self-love”. And this song highlights a particular sentimental juncture she has reached on that path. In summation, she has decided to choose “self-preservation over toxic relationships”. Or a simpler way of breaking down this expression is that whereas she may find herself strongly attracted to a particular individual at the moment, she’s not going to go there if she feels that at the end of the day making such a choice will leave her in a bad place.

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