“Damage Is Done” by Y2k & JoJo

In “Damage is Done”, the narrator presents an unwavering approach to dealing with a broken relationship. Although there seems to be a plea from the other party to resolve issues, he is rather firm in his decision to call it quits.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Y2K's Damage Is Done at Lyrics.org.

According to the singer, his partner has caused pain in a lot of ways by ‘deliberately’ destroying the trust they had. As a result, he believes the damage to his heart and the relationship has already been done and there’s no looking back. This is apparently the inspiration behind the track’s title.

Throughout, he stresses on his current mindset while convincing this person not to waste her time or breath because he is no longer interested. The damage is already done. There is therefore nothing that can be done to fix it.


This actually marked Y2K’s first ever musical collaboration with singer JoJo.

Y2K (who is best known for his production works) produced this alongside music producer King Henry.

The pair wrote “Damage is Done” with JoJo and two others (Sasha Sloan and D. Silberstein).

July the 31st of 2020 was the release date of this collaboration.

This marked JoJo’s second single for 2020. As for Y2K, it was his third.

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