“Say So” by PJ Morton (ft. JoJo)

One way of looking at the song “Say So” is as PJ Morton and JoJo portraying lovers in what can perhaps be defined as a complex romance. For instance, it is pretty clear, considering their respective statements, that they care about each other. However, they apparently have issues actually expressing so, as the title is based on them entreating one another to say ‘I love you’.  

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So basically they are airing out their respective romantic frustrations. “Say So” is based on the concept of being in a relationship yet not being able to definitely ascertain your partner’s feelings. The way the situation reads is as if the vocalists are now falling in love. And realizing such is a cause for caution. Why? Because they would not want to end up fully giving their hearts to the wrong person. And to minimize the potential of such transpiring, they actually want to hear their partner say those three all-important words or express their love forthrightly for the record. And if they don’t get such an assurance either one of them is ready to end the relationship immediately.


So again, the implication would be that there is some kind of discontent already in their romance. Yet a resolution can be found if the parties involved are definitively convinced that the other participant truly loves them. And the way such can be achieved is if they actually “say so”, as in express these feelings verbally.

Lyrics of "Say So"

Facts about “Say So”

PJ Morton wrote and produced this song. JoJo didn’t contribute to the writing of this tune. Hence she isn’t credited as a writer on it.  

It is the lead single from his album “Paul”. Motown Records in conjunction with Empire Records released the track on 14 February 2019.

“Say So” broke the top 40 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop Airplay chart and the top 10 on Billboard’s Adult R&B Songs listing. Moreover it went on to win a Grammy in 2020 in the category of Best R&B Song.

The music video to this song was directed by Nathan Corrona.

Is this PJ Morton’s first collaboration with JoJo?

Yes. Before “Say So”, Morton had never worked professionally with singer JoJo.

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