“Make Up” by Lavrinson

First off, let it be known that we are analyzing “Make Up” based on a Google translation from its original Russian. Owing to this, undoubtedly certain intricacies got lost along the way. Also, since the artists behind this piece are from a region from which we don’t regularly deal with rap songs, of course some of the metaphors and allegories we aren’t going to get. 

Well actually, we do research rap songs from Europe in general semi-regularly. And what the ones that do blow up – as apparently this one has – tend to have in common are strong similarities to the same type of music that you find stateside.

So no, we may not know what Lavrinson specifically means when he refers to a ‘sl*t wanting a cartridge’. But considering that just the line before he brags about ‘taking your b*-ch’ – and also taking into account the nature of the rest of the song – undoubtedly he is referring to sex. For instance, earlier in “Make Up” he raps about ‘taking’ a girl ‘and smoking her a-s’, which is a more universally-recognized metaphor pointing to bonking. And as far as the title goes, what the vocalist is saying, apparently about such a lady, is that he ‘leaves only her make-up on her’, which reads like a poetic way of saying that he has her naked.

Also quite interestingly, we find in the chorus what appears to be a reference to lean, the ever-popular, albeit potentially-lethal drink that is known to be a favorite amongst many a rapper in the United States.

We also have Lavrinson alluding to his wealth or more specifically giving a shoutout to a brand called Comme des Garçons, which appears to be even pricier than the labels Western rappers shoutout.


Overall, this track has a braggadocious and even to some extent confrontational feel to it. So it would seem that rap artists from around the world basically stand for the same things.

Lyrics to Lavrinson's "Make Up"

Tidbits about “Make Up” and Lavrinson

There isn’t much information readily available on Lavrinson at the dropping of “Make Up” on 17 June 2022. 

What is known is that he’s “a rapper from Primorsky Krai”. This place is a relatively-remote region of Russia. It is located at the part Russia that shares boundary with China, Korea and Japan. 

“Make Up” is part of what appears to be his first album, a project titled “Qiano Long: Love Planet”. 

Also, Lavrinson does have a notable following on Instagram. But as of this writing, there is only one post on his account. In this post, Lavrinson is apparently presenting himself in some androgynous sort of way.

Lavrinson wrote this song. The song’s producers are:

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  • Godoftrip

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