Marry Song by Band of Horses Lyrics Meaning – Unveiling the Poetic Depths of Commitment and Resilience

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I’ll marry my lover in a place to admire, I don’t
Have to even ask her, I can look in her eyes and thank God
That I am forgiven, or thank all of my friends
To say I’ve been true, or they’ve forgotten

And weary my mind is to say the least, it’s been
Awful hard to just stand on my feet, I think
I’ll slow down if I am able, I won’t drown
In the ocean or starve in my place at the table

Lucky ones are we all ’til it is over
Everyone near and far
When you smile the sun, it peeks through the clouds
Never die, for always be around and around and around

And how is your sister and what of your brother?
Extend hello’s to your father and mother
What in the world would cause you any sorrow?
Lighten your load and see how I keeled the wheelbarrow I borrowed

Lucky ones are we all ’til it is over
Everyone near and far
When you smile the sun, it peeks through the clouds
Never die, for always be around and around and around

Full Lyrics

Among the whispering pines and the echoes of indie rock, Band of Horses crafts a narrative that transcends the soundscape with ‘Marry Song.’ A piece that weaves the tapestry of affection, endurance, and the human condition, the track offers a contemplative journey into the bond of marriage and the life that unfolds in its shadow.

Dissecting the layers of this lyrical odyssey, we find a rich composition that extends beyond the ordinary love song. Through a poetic lens, ‘Marry Song’ speaks to the complexity of relationships, the acceptance of flaws, and the lofty goals of lifelong partnership.

The Altar of Eyes: Gazing into a Promise Beyond Words

The opening lines of ‘Marry Song’ are a vow in themselves, an unspoken promise mirrored in the eyes of two lovers. It’s a testament to an understanding that goes deeper than language, where commitment is etched in shared glances and unshakeable trust.

The beauty of this silent pledge is framed against the recognition of human imperfection. The notion of being ‘forgiven’ and the gratitude for the companionship of friends introduces the theme of redemption and communal support that carries a relationship.

Weathering the Storm: Resilience in the Face of Life’s Turbulence

Band of Horses doesn’t shy away from the struggles laced within the verses of ‘Marry Song.’ The acknowledgment of weariness and the fight to stand firm against life’s buffeting winds create a metaphor for the challenges faced in any long-term commitment.

And yet, there’s a resilient note struck here, a declaration of slowing down but not succumbing—a refusal to ‘drown in the ocean or starve’ in the presence of love’s feast. It embodies the enduring spirit of a bond that each battle only serves to strengthen.

Sunshine Through the Clouds: The Brightness of Shared Joy

One of the track’s most uplifting elements is its chorus, where the simple act of a smile breaks through life’s clouds like sunshine. It’s a poetic nod to the power of love’s smallest gestures to eclipse the greatest darkness, a comforting reminder of the everlasting presence of joy in the ‘around and around’ of existence.

This imagery is a vibrant counterweight to the verses’ complexity, a respite that illuminates the blessings of connection among ‘everyone near and far,’ celebrating the universal reach of love’s warmth.

Inquiries of Affection: The Tender Exchange of Familial Bonds

Delving into the everyday conversations that weave through a relationship, ‘Marry Song’ acknowledges familial connections as extensions of marital love. Questions about loved ones carry the weight of caring for a partner’s entirety, not just the individual but their world as well.

Moreover, these exchanges serve as foundations for partnership, where shared burdens are lightened and the effort is collaborative. The ‘keeled wheelbarrow’ metaphor is a vivid portrayal of shouldering life’s weights together, a true partnership put into practice.

The Hidden Meaning: An Ode to Perseverance in Love

Beneath the folky strumming and haunting harmonies, ‘Marry Song’ is an ode to love’s perseverance. It captures the essence of marriage as an ever-evolving journey, marked by the struggles that shape us and the shared victories that commemorate our unity.

As listeners, we’re left to ponder the ceaseless cycle of life within the frame of intimate bonds. The melodic currents of the track leave an indelible impression of love’s ability to anchor us ’round and round’—through triumphs, adversities, and the relentless passage of time.

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