Meaning of “Algorithm” by Muse

“Algorithm” is a song recorded by the English rock band Muse. The narrator (Matt Bellamy) finds himself and others “caged in simulations”. In this simulated universe, algorithms change and make it obsolete. It therefor decides to wage war against its creator. The primary aim of the war is so it can free itself from the simulated/fake world it finds itself in.

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Lyrics of Algorithm

Speaking with the French alternative rock magazine Myrock, Bellamy shed more light on this song. According to him, the lyrics tell the tale of a human or artificial intelligence that has just found out that its creator has not been fair to it. The creator not only placed it in a reality that is simulated but also controls it. This deception on the part of the creator makes the intelligence feel betrayed. Because of this, it vows to fight with its creator and escape from this dystopian world it has been caged in.

Below are Bellamy’s exact words to Myrock regarding the song’s meaning:

Matt Bellamy on the meaning of "Algorithm"

The lyrics of Muse often contain revolutionary themes. The words of this song undoubtedly also contain such sentiments!


Facts about “Algorithm”

  • Matt Bellamy penned this song alone. He co-produced it with the other members of Muse and record producer Rich Costey.
  • On November 9, 2018, “Algorithm” was released globally. It is the opening track from the 2018 album Simulation Theory. Simulation Theory is Muse’s eighth studio album.
  • The theme of this song is quite similar to the theme of the American science fiction TV series Westworld.
  • “Algorithm” has only a single verse, two choruses and a bridge.
  • American actor Terry Crews plays a starring role in the official music video for “Algorithm”. Crews’ appearance in the video marked his first collaboration with Muse.
  • In all, the lyrics of this song contain approximately just 49 words. This isn’t normal, considering the song has an overall length of four minutes and five seconds.
  • Bellamy once referred to this track as “probably” his favorite track from the band’s 2018 album.

Was “Algorithm” released as a single?

No. The album Simulation Theory produced 5 singles. “Algorithm” wasn’t one of them.

What actually is the meaning of the word algorithm?

Algorithm is a term mainly used in the computer programming world to refer to the set of rules a computer uses to achieve a specific result.


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