“Madness” by Muse

Muse’s “Madness” is centered on a relationship which is on the verge of destruction mainly due to constant fights between the lovers. The lyrics suggest that the couple may have just had a heated argument resulting in one person leaving, while the other party is left alone to reflect on his thoughts.

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The narrator describes the repetitive fights as some sort of madness because he believes that they are extremely destructive in nature. Although he attempts to leave the relationship, he is unable to because he realizes that he still needs to be with this person. He then questions whether the bond they share is true love or a crazy kind of obsession.

In the outro, the narrator appears to accept his flaws, depicting how he wants to resolve their differences. Though he swallows his pride to accept that he may have been wrong, the next line shows that he equally criticizes his partner for being rash.

Bellamy has mentioned that this song was written after he had a fight with his then-girlfriend, actress Kate Hudson.

Facts about “Madness”

Madness was digitally released in August 2012 as the second single off Muse’s sixth album titled, “The 2nd Law”. The song was produced by Muse while it was composed exclusively by Matthew Bellamy.

Following its release, the track stayed on the Billboard’s “Alternative Songs” chart for approximately 19 consecutive weeks.

In 2013, it received a nomination for the honors of “Best Rock Song” at the Grammy Awards. The Black Keys eventually won the aforementioned award with their song “Lonely Boy“.

The song has been likened to other songs such as George Michael’s “Faith” and Queen’s “I Want to Break Free”.

Speaking on the inspiration of the song, Bellamy revealed that he started writing it as he personally reflected on a fight he had with his then girlfriend Kate Hudson.

The music video was shot at the Red Line platform at the Los Angeles Union Station starring models, Max Silberman and Erin Wasson (who play the roles of lovers).

It was named one of 2012’s best songs by Rolling Stone magazine.

This track has received gold certification by the IFPI, Switzerland and has been certified Platinum by the FIMI in Italy and MC in Canada. Furthermore, it has received a double-platinum certification by the RIAA in the US.

On the Hot 100 and UK Singles charts, it made it to numbers 45 and 25 respectively.

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  1. Sun.in.the.storm says:

    Madness is about realization that self love is important. Without it you go mad and take out your negativity on the people you love most.

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