Muse’s “Resistance” Lyrics Meaning

The setting of Muse’s “Resistance” is that of a place known as Oceania in George Orwell’s iconic novel 1984, where love is a crime. The protagonists who are having a conversation in the song could most likely be the characters Winston and Julia, members of the party who have actually fallen in love with each other.

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They try to hide their affair from the public eye and are in constant doubt because of the fear that their love may be exposed and short-lived. At first, they live in distress and wonder if they might ever be happy in that place. After coming to a conclusion that their love is worth the risk, they decide to run away together in the night in hopes that someone might save them. By following their hearts, they see their love as a form of resistance to the political oppression present in their land.

“Love is our resistance”

Matt Bellamy talks about “Resistance”

In an interview with Spin Magazine, Matt confirmed that the song is indeed based on Orwell’s 1984, which describes sex and love as political tools. He further stated that the song is centered on love and the relevance or irrelevance of certain strong individual beliefs.

Summary: The song focuses on the unimportance of religious and political ideologies on a love relationship that is sturdy.

Song Information

Writing: The song’s exclusive writer is Matthew Bellamy
Production: Bellamy and his Muse bandmates (C. Wolstenholme and D. Howard)
Track’s Album: Muse’s Queen-inspired album titled “Resistance”
Release: February the 22nd of 2010

Did “Resistance” come out as a single?

Yes. It was The Resistance‘s third single. The following are the other singles Muse released from “The Resistance”:

  • “Uprising”
  • “Undisclosed Desires”
  • “Exogenesis: Symphony”

Did “Resistance” chart on the Hot 100?

It didn’t. However, it did eventually go on to chart in three other Billboard chart, even topping the “Alternative Songs” chart.

Chart Performance outside America

It was a major hit for Muse in the United Kingdom, reaching No. 1 on that nation’s “Rock Char” for instance. On their official singles chart, it was a top-40 hit. “Resistance” went on to attain top-10 status in Belgium and Poland, reaching number 1 in the latter country.

Grammy Honors

“Resistance” and the likes of The Black Keys’ “Tighten Up” and Neil Young’s “Angry World” fought one another for “Best Rock Song” at the 2011 Grammy Awards. “Angry World” eventually emerged victorious.

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