Meaning of “Can’t Be Broken” by Lil Wayne

“Can’t Be Broken” is the title of a 2018 song by American rapper and songwriter Lil Wayne. The lines of the song center mainly on the things (accomplishments, achievements, relationships, etc) that Wayne has built over the years which he believes can never be broken.

Aside, talking about the unbreakable things in his life, parts of the lyrics also see Wayne taking shots at his detractors/enemies. He tells the haters that regardless of what they do, they can never break him down. How can they break him down when he’s so unbreakable? At least that’s what he thinks and believes.

“You cannot break down what can’t be broken
Out of all the wrinkles, I was chosen”

The entire song can be summarized in the lines above. The lines in question are the first two lines from the song’s chorus.

Facts about “Can’t Be Broken”

  • Lil Wayne penned “Can’t Be Broken” along with Ben Billions, Thomas Troelsen and LunchMoney Lewis.
  • Billions and Troelsen not only co-wrote this track but they also took care of its production.
  • The song is the sixth track from Wayne’s twelfth album Tha Carter V. The album in question was supposed to have been released in 2014. However, as a result of a major dispute Wayne had with Birdman (the head of his former label), the album was delayed. It was eventually released in September 2018.
  • In addition to the likes of “Mona Lisa“, “Dedicate” and “Don’t Cry“, this track is one of the outstanding tracks on Tha Carter V album. “Don’t Cry” features XXXTentacion who was murdered in June 2018.
  • The phrase “Ricki Lake” from the line “I’m smoking icky, watching Ricki Lake” actually refers to the popular tabloid talk show Ricki Lake hosted by American actress and presenter Ricki Lake.

Who sings the chorus in “Can’t Be Broken”?

The chorus is sung by Danish singer-songwriter Thomas Troelsen. However, he isn’t given credit for the vocals. It’s noteworthy that Troelsen also co-wrote and co-produced the track.

Was this track produced with a sample?

No. This track is 100% sample-free.

Below is Lil Wayne and Halsey performing “Can’t Be Broken” live on SNL.


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