“Let Me Love You” by Ariana Grande (ft. Lil Wayne)

The content of “Let Me Love You” is premised on the primary vocalist (Ariana Grande) being on the rebound, i.e. emotionally reeling from a failed romantic relationship. In fact in the very first line, Ariana reveals that she ‘just broke up with her ex’. 

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But as to what the song is actually about, if we had to pin it down to one word, that would probably be promiscuity.

In the aftermath of having her heart broken, as implied, the vocalist decides to play the field. And the lyrics read as if she is trying a number of guys out, which would compel her, after doing the do with the addressee, to exclaim that he’s “the best” out of the lot. And likewise, she advertises herself as being “better than the rest” of the ladies that he’s concurrently dealing with.

So basically, from Ariana’s perspective, her vocals center on entreating the addressee to accept the idea of the two of them actually becoming an item. Or as the vocalist puts it, she wants this guy to ‘just let her love him’. And considering that it appears, logically speaking, they’ve already had sex, then we know that’s not what she’s referring to but again a romance that extends beyond a one-night stand.

Lil Wayne

And as for the Lil Wayne feature, he is portraying the role of said addressee. The first few lines of his verse support the above theory, i.e. this individual being a playa, and Ariana trying to lock him down. 

And he doesn’t actually go on to imply that he will in fact forsake his other shorties. But Wheezy does assure Grande that he’s a better lover than her ex, and therefore she needs to just forget about that dude.

What “Let Me Love You” is all about

So going back to our assertion that the main theme of “Let Me Love You” is promiscuity, perhaps that was an oversimplification. Instead, by the looks of things the narrative, most easily explained, is based on the singer having falling in love with a playa.

Ariana Grande, "Let Me Love You" Lyrics

Facts about “Let Me Love You”

This track is from “Dangerous Woman”, Ariana Grande’s third studio album. And Grande is given songwriting credit for this piece alongside Lil Wayne and the writers listed below:

  • Jeremih
  • FKi 1st
  • OB O’Brien
  • Victoria Monét

The official producers of “Let Me Love You” are TBHits and Mr. Franks. Both also are given writing credits.

Jeremih, as you may already know, is a professional R&B singer in his own right. And he, FKi 1st and OB O’Brien being credited on “Let Me Love You” appears to be due to the fact that it interpolates a song he sang with and they all co-wrote in 2013 entitled “All The Time”.

This song came out as a promotional single, under the direction of Republic Records, on 18 April 2016. And it proved to be a notable hit for Ariana. Even though it didn’t fare too well chart wise, it still managed to be certified platinum by the RIAA.

The music video, which industry mainstay Grant Singer directed, also proved successful, in that it was nominated for a MTV VMA in 2016 (which ultimately went to Fifth Harmony’s “Work from Home” for Best Collaboration Video).

The composition and recording of this song dates back to 2014, thus making it the first track Ariana and co. put together for “Dangerous Woman”. The songstress first teased it about a month before its official release. And it appears that this was not only her first collaboration with Lil Wayne but also their only to date.

Arianators have concluded that based on Ariana Grande’s romantic timeline, if the “ex” referred to in the lyrics is a reference to one of her real lover, that would be one Jai Brooks, whom she briefly dated in 2014.

Let Me Love You

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