Meaning of “Chase Down the Bully” by Ice Cube

“Chase Down the Bully” is a rap song from American rapper and songwriter Ice Cube’s 2018 album Everythang’s Corrupt.

The lyrics of “Chase Down the Bully” are rife with serious political issues in America. In the song, Cube launches a scathing attack on supporters of President Donald Trump, white supremacists and every single racist in America. 

Having thoroughly attacked the aforementioned set of people, a furious Cube then turns his attention to the African American community. Surprisingly enough, he slightly criticizes his fellow blacks. Using a few lines, expresses his displeasure for their lax attitude towards resisting oppression and racism. In criticizing them, he asks them a very important question. He asks whether they no longer remember the sufferings their forefathers went through as a result of slavery.

He then urges African Americans all over America to resist racism, discrimination and oppression with all their might.

Lyrics of "Chase Down the Bully"

We guess the lines above basically sum up the entire song. Some have even suggested that the “bully” might be referring to President Trump.

Facts about “Chase Down the Bully”

  • Ice Cube is the sole songwriter on this track.
  • Record producer Beau Jaymes produced this politically charged song.
  • “Chase Down the Bully” is the third track on Cube’s tenth studio album Everythang’s Corrupt. The album was dropped on December 7, 2018 through Interscope and Lench Mob Records.
  • With a total length of 4:06, this song is the second longest track on Everythang’s Corrupt.
  • No officially music video was made for “Chase Down the Bully”.
  • This isn’t Cube’s first time of attacking Trump and his supporters. For example, he does same in his earlier track “Arrest the President”.

Did Cube’s team release “Chase Down the Bully” as a single?

No. The album Everythang’s Corrupt was supported by three singles. They are as follows:

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