“Started This” by Dr. Dre & Ice Cube

“Started This” is a gangster rap song by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. These legendary artists use the lyrics of the track to remind the rap industry of their status. The lyrics also pay tribute to gangsta rap – a genre that these rappers help originate and grow as members of the rap group NWA.

On “Started This”, the iconic rappers express that gangsta rap will always be a vibrant part of the overall hip-hop industry. Cube also explains that although he has had monumental success in mainstream Hollywood, he has never lost touch with his gangsta roots.

Dr. Dre recounts the humble beginnings that they started from and their rise to fame, as well as acknowledging that different people have different means of making it big.

Why haven’t you included an audio or video for “Started This” in this post?

As the song contains very strong language, we unfortunately can’t include it in this post. That said, we are working hard to lay our hands on a clean version of the track. The instant we lay our hands on it, it shall be included in this post. So keep your fingers crossed!

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