Meaning of “Jumpsuit” by Twenty One Pilots

“Jumpsuit” is a song recorded by the popular American duo Twenty One Pilots. This song, just like its counterpart “Nico and the Niners” introduces listeners to the fictional evil town/city of Dema and Twenty One Pilots’ lead singer Tyler Joseph’s alter ego called Clancy.

The lyrics center on the character Clancy’s desperate quest to escape from the city of Dema by wearing a yellow jumpsuit. He puts on the yellow jumpsuit because it is the only way he can avoid being captured by the evil controllers and watchers of the city called the bishops since they are unable to see anyone wearing the color yellow.

Who are the bishops?

Like was said above, the bishop are the rulers and controllers of Dema – which is an evil city surrounded by a wall. The bishops are 9 in number. These are the names of the nine bishops:

  1. Andre
  2. Nico
  3. Lisden
  4. Nills
  5. Listo
  6. Keons
  7. Reisdro
  8. Vetomo
  9. Sacarver

As a group, the 9 bishops are called Niners. Each of these rulers above has one sole motive – to prevent the inhabitants of Dema from fleeing the city. The only way an inhabitant can escape them is by wearing a yellow garment since the bishops can’t detect that color.

The song’s story is purely a metaphor for the struggle with mental illness (depression, anxiety, etc). The evil city of Dema refers to mental illness. The bishops that prevent the inhabitants from fleeing Dema represent the internal struggles of a person suffering from mental illness.

Facts about “Jumpsuit”

  • Jumpsuit was written by Twenty One Pilots (singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun). The pair also produced the track.
  • This track came out on July 11th, 2018. It was released alongside the song “Nico and the Niners” as one of the singles from the musical duo’s 5th studio album titled Trench.
  • The song’s music video was directed by music video and film director Andrew Donoho. The music video of the duo’s hit single “Heathens” was also directed by Donoho.
  • The song currently sits at the 50th positions on both the US Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.



Where was the music video of “Jumpsuit” filmed?

It was filmed the city of Reykjavík, which is the capital city of Iceland.

What musical genre is this track?

It fits perfectly into the alternative rock category.

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