Meaning of Lady Gaga’s “Chromatica”

Lady Gaga released her sixth studio album (which she titled “Chromatica”) on the 29th day of May, 2020. But what really is the meaning of the word “Chromatica” as used by Gaga?

The above is both a complex and simple question. For in relation to the title of this album, the word chromatic actually has something to do with musical notation and the like, which a layman not adept in such subjects may not understand. But from the perspective of Gaga herself, in a way, this is a more of a sentimental affair. Or stated otherwise, “Chromatica” is an exercise in self-therapy for the artist, which ideally will have a similar effect on others also.

In other words, the songstress recognizes that music has the potential to heal certain emotional and psychological wounds. Indeed on a purely-musical note, the album features three instrumentals successively entitled “Chromatic I”, “Chromatica II” and “Chromatica III”. And as lyrical detailed in certain songs throughout the project, Gaga has dealt with a plethora of emotional and mental setbacks herself. Indeed she was suffering from depression, related to her relationship with her dad, which inspired her to pen “Chromatica”, as aforementioned as a form of therapy. Stated otherwise, the songs featured therein was a method by which the musician went about curing herself. 

And going back to its intended macrocosmic effect, obviously she is also hoping that others who have gone through likewise will benefit from some of the tracks featured therein.

“Chromatica” Tracklist

Below are some of the popular songs on Gaga’s “Chromatica” album:

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