Meaning of “Shot Clock” by Ella Mai

shot clock is a device used in formal basketball games. Succinctly put, when a team gains possession of the ball they have 24 seconds, measured by the shot clock, to attempt a field goal. And in similar fashion, singer Ella Mai is telling her love interest that he only has a predetermined, limited amount of time to make his move, despite the fact that he appears complacent and inert.

She seems to address two different types of guys in the song. In the beginning of the track, it appears as if some fellow is eyeing her but afraid to make his move. She attributes such to his pride or possibly shyness. Either way, Ella lets him know that the opportunity won’t last forever, so he better make his move promptly or miss out on her altogether.

In the second verse, Mai is now addressing someone she has been in a five-year relationship with. He seems hesitant to take the romance to the next level. This is frustrating her not only because other dudes are trying to holler, but she also feels there are other things she can be doing with her time. So she puts him on the shot clock also, letting him know that he either has to step up, or she’s out.

Lyrics of Shot Clock

Quick Facts about “Shot Clock”

  • Writer(s): “Shot Clock” was written by DJ Mustard along with Ella Mai.
  • Producer(s): Rapper/producer DJ Mustard, who hails from Los Angeles, also produced the track. He is therefore credited as both a writer and producer on the track.
  • Album/EP: This track was featured on Ella’s self-titled 2018 album (Ella Mai).
  • Release Date: The release date for “Shot Clock” was 12 October 2018.
  • Record Label: Two record labels made the release of this song a possibility. These labels are 10 Summers and Interscope Records.
  • Interesting Stuff: “Shot Clock” is one of Ella’s favorite songs from her well-received 2018 debut album entitled Ella Mai.

Is this Mustard’s first time working with Ella Mai?

No. Before the birth of this song, Mustard and Ella had worked together many times. For example, he worked with Ella on songs such as “Boo’d Up” and “Trip“.

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