“24/7” by Meek Mill (ft. Ella Mai)

Meek Mill and Ella Mai’s “24/7” is a love song, with romance of course being one of the main themes the entire music industry is built upon. However, put in the hands of a master lyricist like Meek Mill, it becomes more than an average song.

The plot of this track, in its most-basic form, reads like he hooks up with a certain lady, falls in love and eventually marries her. However, what makes it unique is the colorful wordplay and metaphors he uses throughout. For instance, Meek namedrops controversial pro quarterback Colin Kaepernick when describing the moment he ‘kneels’ to propose marriage, and overall he challenges himself to actually drop an exciting rap.

And the titular theme is that this is a romance which is alive every moment of every day. So basically, this is a duet between rapper Meek Mill and songstress Ella Mai.

Lyrics of Meek Mill's "24/7"

Facts about “24/7”

  • This song relies heavily on a sample of Beyoncé’s 2003 track “Me, Myself and I”.
  • Atlantic Records released “24/7” as the second single from Meek Mill’s 2018 album Championships on 16 April 2019. It originally came out as part of the album itself on 30 November 2018.
  • Ella Mai brought out Meek Mill during a performance of this song at Brooklyn Steel on 11 March 2019, marking the first time they performed “24/7” live.
  • The producers of “24/7” are Austin Powerz, E.Y, OZ and Pro Logic. They also co-wrote it along with the two headline artists and the writers responsible for the sample (Beyoncé Knowles, Scott Storch and Robert Waller).

Prior to “24/7”, had Ella and Meek ever worked together?

No. The pair’s first collaboration occurred on “24/7”.

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