Meaning of “Smithereens” by Twenty One Pilots

“Smithereens” is a song recorded and performed by Twenty One Pilots. Twenty One Pilots is a musical duo from Columbus, Ohio, United States. The lyrics of “Smithereens” are basically an ode to a woman named Jenna Joseph. Jenna is the wife of the duo’s lead vocalist Tyler Joseph. In the song, Tyler expresses his deep love for Jenna. He tells her he would do anything for her. For her, he would enter into a fight with a more powerful opponent and “get beat to smithereens“.

Tyler Joseph and Jenna got engaged in July 2014. The couple eventually tied the knot a year later in March 2015.

Tyler Joseph and Jenna Joseph

The picture above shows Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph and Jenna Joseph on their wedding day.

Facts about “Smithereens”

  • Tyler Joseph wrote “Smithereens” along with fellow songwriter Paul Meany. Meany also co-wrote songs such as “Chlorine” and “Morph” with Tyler.
  • The production of this tune was handled by Tyler and Meany.
  • Contrary to what many think, this isn’t the first time Tyler is writing a song about his wife Jenna. For example, the band’s 2015 song “Tear In My Heart” was inspired by Jenna.
  • This tune is the sixth track on the Twenty One Pilots’ critically acclaimed fourth studio album Trench.
  • The other half of Twenty One Pilots, Josh Dun, isn’t credited as a songwriter on this track. As a matter of fact, he isn’t credited as a writer on any of the tracks on the album Trench.
  • Playing the drums on “Smithereens” is Dun’s only contribution to this track.
  • The track officially became available for purchase on October 5, 2018. This was the same day that Trench was released.

Below is the song’s official audio that was uploaded on Twenty One Pilots’ official YouTube account:


Was “Smithereens” released as a single from Trench?

No. Trench produced the following singles: “Jumpsuit“, “Levitate”, “Nico and the Niners” and “My Blood”.

Where can I find the music video of “Smithereens”?

The song wasn’t released with a music video.

Are samples incorporated into this tune? If yes, what are these samples?

Tyler and Meany co-wrote and co-produced this track from scratch without using any sample. Simply put, it’s sample-free.

5 Responses

  1. Cara says:

    “This is the first time that Tyler is writing a song about his wife Jenna.” This is incorrect. Tear in my heart from the previous album Blurryface was the first song Tyler wrote about Jenna. This is the second.

    • Kojo says:

      Thank you, Cara, for bringing that very important fact to our attention. Greatly appreciated.

    • Kizzy says:

      Did you know that tear in my heart was originally supposed to be about josh and was “he’s the tear in my heart”
      However they thought they would get hate for it so Josh had to persuade Tyler not to do it.But they did play the song once singing “he is the tear in my heart” but it is a rumor that tyler is cheating on jenna with josh(not talking about joshler) but jenna says “josh and tyler have kissed many times but that doesn’t bother her” maybe meaning that she is cheating on tyler which isn’t uncommon with celebrities anyway bye

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